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Christmas Fayre 2nd December

posted 18 Oct 2017, 23:49 by Letton Village

St. John the Baptist Church, Letton. (A438)
Invite you to the Annual Christmas Fayre
held in the church
Saturday, 2 December, 2017
10.00 a.m - 2.00 p.m
Home made cakes, Refrshments, Gifts, books, bric a brac,
jams, pickles, games
Annual raffle drawn 2 p.m


posted 14 Sep 2017, 23:26 by Letton Village   [ updated 14 Sep 2017, 23:27 ]


St John-the- Baptist Church, Letton, is joining other churches in the Weobley and Staunton Group of Parishes in declaring itself an Inclusive Church.

An Inclusive Church is a church that does not discriminate, on any level, on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race, ethnicity, age, marital status or sexuality.

At Letton Church we believe in a Church which welcomes and serves all people., hope and love and the greatest of these is love.
Corinthians:1: 13.13

Guinea Service - 29 Oct 2017

posted 14 Sep 2017, 06:51 by Letton Village

St John the Baptist Church, LETTON
In 2016 the Rev. Sean Semple revived the wishes of
Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman, as expressed in her last will and testament
Dated 1810 and as reproduced on the
Letton Church Commemorative Mugs.
“....... and to pay The Minister of Letton Church, one Guinea for a sermon In The
Church on the 29th October yearly, forever.” Elizabeth Freeman 1810
The Rev. Semple gave a sermon and the congregation then voted
anonymously as to whether he had earned his guinea. I am pleased to
report that he was awarded his guinea and the afternoon ended with tea
and cakes.This year October 30th falls on a Sunday and coincidentally it
is the Sunday for a Group service in Letton.
The service will be held at 10.30 am on Sunday October 29th
in Letton Church
with a secret ballot to establish if the guinea has been earned.
If .... the Rev. Semple has done it again he will be presented with
The Letton Guinea Trophy
Everyone Welcome - come and judge the vicar’s sermon
And enjoy the free refreshments

Letton Park

posted 19 Aug 2017, 00:27 by Letton Village

Do you need somewhere smooth underfoot and safe from traffic to WALK


7.00p.m. Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

You may have read previously about the possibility of developing a small park area in Letton. 

A meeting has been arranged by the Kinnersley Group Parish Plan Action Committee in line with Objective 6 to consider with residents how best to proceed with this project.  The land has  begun to be  cleared and there are a number of interesting and established trees that enhance the environment.  The primary purpose is to provide a safe area for  walking away from traffic.  Plans necessary  for a planning application are being developed and we will need to establish a committee of local volunteers to take the project to the next stage.  


Derys Maddox 01544 327268


posted 16 Aug 2017, 23:30 by Letton Village

St. John the Baptist Church



23rd July - 3rd September

2.30pm -  5pm

Usual delights - delicious teas,

Books, bric a brac etc

Come and enjoy our ancient church

Everyone Welcome

Letton Church Harvest Festival

posted 16 Aug 2017, 23:29 by Letton Village

11a.m Sunday 17th September, 2017
St. John the Baptist Church, Letton
Rev. Sean Semple
Followed by  lunch  - free for all
Donations for Hereford Food Bank gratefully received
Special invitation for those to whom we need to be 
grateful for the production of our foods.

No community Lunch at Portway in August

posted 14 Jul 2017, 08:51 by Letton Village

Reminder No community Lunch at Portway in August


posted 14 Jul 2017, 08:50 by Letton Village

St. John the Baptist Church



23rd July - 3rd September

2.30pm -  5pm

Usual delights - delicious teas,

Books, bric a brac etc

Come and enjoy our ancient church

Everyone Welcome

Looking for volunteers

posted 14 Jun 2017, 00:42 by Letton Village

Looking for volunteers
Request from Kinnersley & District Parish Plan Action Plan Committee.

Objective 6 of the above Parish Plan is to establish a community open space in Kinnersley,
Letton and Norton Canon.
We are looking for volunteers for a steering committee to explore this project; is there a local
support for such a facility? Could a planning application be successful? Can the grant money be
Land has been identified in Letton, off the A438, of approximately 3/4 acre. Planning permission
for housing has twice been refused and the owner is willing to consider its use as small park/ play
area to provide facilities for all ages. It is alongside a vehicular access entrance to 4 domiciles.
The landowner is happy for the land to be used as a multipurpose park to provide facilities for all
ages at a "peppercorn" rent and a 30 year renewable lease. It already has an interesting
selection of mature greenery which could easily be developed into an established park.
Purpose of the land to provide:- (over time)
A tarmac path suitable for both walking and cycling with occasional seating for elderly needing to
walk in safety
A ball play area
Outdoor gym equipment
A secure play area for younger children with seating
A parking area
Sheltered seating
Hereford Community Grants Advisor has advised that it should be possible to pursue grants, local
and national, to meet most needs, providing local support for the project has been proven, and the
planning application agreed.
The action Plan group has set aside money for initial investigations into the feasibility of such a
scheme. We have no doubt about the desirability. There is increasing difficulty in walking on the
roads, given the volume, size and speed of the traffic, and scarcity of pavement areas or smooth
pathways necessary for those who are challenged with mobility or balance issues. This in turn
leads to a deterioration in activity which could be hopefully remedied by the provision of a safe
walking area with the provision of seating. This type of opportunity to gently increase the
distances covered could do much to improve the health of many of our aging, and not so aging,
rural population.
Anyone who is interested in helping explore the possible development and maintenance of such a
small park area please contact:-
Derys Maddox, 01544 327268 .

Community Lunch 16 March

posted 16 Feb 2017, 14:15 by Letton Village

Kinnersley Group Parish Council

Community Lunch now at the


Thursday, 16th march, 2017, 12.15pm

The cost is £7.95 for two courses and tea or coffee.

(Or less if you only want one course - more if you want three courses) NEW TO THE AREA? JOIN US AND MEET SOME NEIGHBOURS

We welcome all - Children free
If you know any one who is housebound but might like to come contact them.

We can arrange transport.

Dates for your Diary:

Derys Maddox: TEL: O1544 327268. Email: 

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