TO:  Dr. Howard Spivak, 6/2/13

I am going to propose some concepts that are new to Dr. Einstein’s physics.  Sir Newton said that he could see further than others, because he stood on the shoulders of giants; I find Dr. Einstein a giant with flat shoulders.

Michelson and Morley (M&M) made a mistake concerning their interpretation of their work on the speed of light in the aether; I believe Dr. Einstein’s mistake was to believe them.  Now I am aware that someone stated that M&M did conduct the experiment perpendicular to the surface of the Earth – yet I am sure that M&M did not!  They did not because the care they took against vibration in the X-Y plane (i.e., the plane parallel to Earth’s surface) and that could not be achieved in a plane including the Z axis (perpendicular to Earth).  Because they boasted of their anti-vibration apparatus, I think they did not probe the Z axis adequately.

Occam’s razor states that we choose the simplest explanation.  Einstein chose to develop his physics around a universe without aether, and he was forced to rewrite the physics of space, mass and time.  In contrast, I chose a universe with aether!  Therefore, I need not rewrite the physics of space, mass and time.  All I have to do is explain.

As far as I know, light is always created in a field of gravity.  Further, light propagates as a wave.  But even if Newton’s particle theory of light were correct, we still expect light to propagate as a wave – thanks to Dr. De Broglie.  I believe that Einstein’s manipulation of space, mass and time is rather complicated.  Instead, I offer: light travels by means of gravity.  This concept is testable for gravity must be digital (have a quantum).  Thus, when there is no more gravity at some point, I ask do we also find no light being transmitted beyond that point?

I am aware that Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory (SRT) has some nice confirmatory evidence.  For example, SRT explains how quickly-decaying particles live long enough to reach Earth from the upper atmosphere.  SRT states that the particles experience a slowing of time by traveling at near light speed, thus reaching the Earth’s surface from the upper atmosphere before they can decay.  Nevertheless, other simple explanations exist, for example, Bernoulli’s principle.[i]  Using Bernoulli’s principle we reach the same conclusion (as SRT), presumably because fast moving particles do not interact as well with their environment (as slow moving particles do).

So I propose that light travels by means of gravity.  And I propose the perpendicular M&M experiment to prove it.(V)  But, I think, that experiment may be unnecessary.  God gives us star light that approaches the Earth at an angle – stellar aberration.(A)  The stellar aberration seems more consistent with light that travels though an aether.  If so, all I do is identify gravity with the aether.

To what end do I challenge SRT?  Light as a gravitational-electric-magnetic wave (GEM wave) changes the nature of physics.  Quantum mechanics may be re-examined, now including gravity.  The argument against gravity playing a role in the stronger-force physics is that gravity is weak.  Consider a 100,000,000-gram Jumbo Jet that runs off the runway because of a few grams of ice on the runway.  How can you then argue that a few grams of ice strategically placed are not important?(E)

References and notes:


A:  Russo, D.  Stellar Aberration: the Contradiction between Einstein and Bradley, Apeiron 14 (2) 4/2007

E: So to speak, gravity is the ice of the Jumbo-Jet universe.

modified 6/11/2013

[i] It is Bernoulli’s Principle that keeps an airplane in the air.