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03.  Interview and transcript from Lee student

On Monday, September 6, 2011, the New York Times published the article Troubled Schools Try Mimicking the Charters touting Houston's new Apollo 20 program, run by Roland Fryer, Harvard economist, and Dr. Terry Grier, superintendent of HISD. Lee High School was featured as an example of the success of the program.

The teachers who worked at Lee last year under the Apollo program know firsthand how the limited gains that were made at Lee under this model were far outweighed by the damage done to students and teachers. We have created this website in order to share the stories of Lee High School - before Apollo and under Apollo - so that people around the country can more accurately judge the program before they welcome it into their own schools.

We invite readers to:

1.   Share your story of Lee.
Named or unnamed letters of any length can be shared  at Letters from Lee, http://sites.google.com/site/lettersfromlee/ ,
by emailing:  lettersfromlee@gmail.com. If you wish your letter to be anonymous, please say so clearly at the top of your email.

2.  Spread the word.

Please share with teachers, students, and parents you think would be willing to tell the story of Lee not mentioned in media, including NYT and Houston Chronicle.