A 75 minute play, Unforgettable: Letters from Koreawill be performed at the Krapek Family Fine Arts Center located in the Cedar River Complex in Osage, Iowa at 2:00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. on November 9, 2013 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. The performance is sponsored by the Mitchell County Fine Arts Council and the Mitchell County Historical Society. The play is based on actual letters written during the war between Lt. Dwight Thompson and his sweetheart, Cleora Barnes. The play, written by their daughter Susan Thompson is performed by Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance Collaborative is based on letters between Lt. Dwight Thompson and his then sweetheart and later wife, Cleora Barnes. 

Unforgettable: Letters from Korea integrates songs, letters, memories, images, and poetry. The setting alternates between 2013 and 1953. Directed by Kim Mancuso, two actors, Susan Thompson and Kermit Dunkelberg, play Cleo and Dwight both young and old and a third, Kaya Schafer, plays their daughter who serves as a narrator for the performance. Boston area composer and musician Molly Flannery (piano and musical director) and Stephen Elliott (saxophone), accompany the performance with music of the 1950s. Slides of the Korean War, some taken by Thompson’s company commander Frank Farmer, and slides of the couple and the era are shown during the performance. Unforgettable is dedicated to all those who served in that unforgettable conflict. 

After serving 25 years in the US Army including tours of Occupied Japan, Korea and Vietnam, Dwight Thompson (1928-2004) went on to become a Deputy States Attorney for Howard County Maryland. Cleora Thompson (1931-2010) served as an archivist for Howard County Maryland.

Opening Ceremony to Unforgettable Letters from Korea

A Special Tribute to the Veterans