tanya's second letter from israel

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July 20, 2006

 Dear Leah-chka,

  so, we are in a full-scale war, it looks like...  Vlad and I have been avoiding driving up North; mostly stick around. Yesterday we visited our local, very near Har Adar, National park, called Ein Hemed. We came there and saw a bunch of kids, most likely Arabs, in what looked like a camp. We asked for directions a group of adults (camp counselors?) who, took  one look at us and spat on the ground, then very reluctantly, mumbled something under the breath in English and waved in the direction of an exit. We were followed by an enthunsiastic singing of the kids, who were obviously taught that song; they were clapping in unison, as they sang, and did not sound very frinedly, let me assure you.
  What I took for a wedding celebratory fireworks in the nearby AbuGosh, turned out to be a celebration of the Hibullah/Hamas attacks on Israel. THey now continue doing it every night.  Also, their imams became intolerably loud with their 4am calls for prayers. They were totally obnoxious, waking everybody up, because they yell in loudspeakers, and there were two of them from nearby hills.
  Today we spent the entire day  in the Old City, took a private walking tour with a guy who was very knowledgeable.  He said,  the muslim calls for prayers were never so loud as recently; it is almost impossible to hear a person next to you, when they yell in the loudspeakers over the Rova.
  I hope, all is well with you; allow me to wish you  a very peacful and meaningful Shabbat.
 Do your best to pray with kavannah and let's bring peace to Israel!
Tanya (from Har Adar)