tanya's first letter from israel

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 July 16, 2006

Dear Leah,

 I arrived here fine and on time. The flight was uneventful, although tiring. Vlad met me at Ben Gurion. When we came home,  I heard gun shots. Vlad explained, unperturbed, that the Arab neighbors from Abu Gosh were celebrating something or other ( perhaps, a wedding?) and it's their custom to shoot in the air.
 Then the news started coming in:  people killed in Tzfat and in Tiberias, both places I was looking forward to, visiting.  There were also sad news about the Israeli  sailors who were killed  at the sea.  Today I called my friend Ida  from Ashdod; she  was glad to hear from me, but could not  talk: she was running to the funeral of  her neighbors' grandson,  one of those young men who were killed at sea.
  It is all very sad. I was in Yerushalaim briefly; as we were leaving to go back to Har Adar, I saw a huge, hand- made sign:  " Hayal! Toda she ata shomer aleynu; Tehazer habayta b'shalom!"  It brought tears to my eyes.
  Today, Tel Aviv and all the areas northward were declared on alert; there is martial law in Haifa.
  I hope, all is well in Sharon and Mansfield; I also hope that our communities are getting mobilized to help out as much as they can.
  Be well; I hope to see you soon, b'ezrat Hashem.