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July 19,2006

Thanks Nancy, you're a good friend.

This situation is completely new. There are so many feeling involved - fear, anger, fatigue, disbelief, helplessness - to name just a few. I'm usually an optimist but it seems there is no end in sight and the fronts keep piling up.
I am angry with the army - where was the responsible adult? where was intelligence? I have to hand over my sons soon!
Ha'aretz newspaper jounalist Ari Shavit expressed my thoughts beautifully. I no longer have it but the bottom line was:
"In the "old days" Israel's approach was conquer and that's that.
Then came the Oslo years and the approach was peace and that's that.
Sharon came up with disengagement and that's that.
What now? Someone has to come up with a fourth way."
These all failed and there seems to be nothing out there at the moment to solve this.
If we leave the west bank, ranana will be in the direct line of fire.
On the other hand, I am uncomfortable with the destruction in Lebanon. That poor country, the region punching bag.
And then there are the hostages. Can you imagine what their parents are going through??!!
We are a durable group of people and I'm proud there is no panic even thought panic is justified.
We are mostly close to home, I must admit. Just to be on the safe side. See how things develop over the next few days. It also seems unfair to be going out for fun when people up north are being bombarded. We are signing up to host a family. I have an exam Thursday but am available after that. We have plenty of space.

It is estimated that Israel will have about a week to freely continue until a ceasefire is imposed by the international community.
Thanks for the concern.

Hadas Eyal, Ra'anana Israel