ben's letter from israel

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 Ben is traveling with the Ramah Seminar program.

 July 15, 2006        

Hi all,
I just wanted to send you all a quick email letting you know I'm alright here. I'm having a great time, the trip is amazing so far. I miss you all but am having fun, despite the current situation. Living in Israel for 6 weeks opens your eyes to what the world really
is like. Israel isn't really that dangerous. Ok, so it looks bad. But it's really not. They realize something we don't: we had 9/11, and we started a war over it. They have little 9/11's every day. If they started a new war every time there was a terrorist attack, there would not be any home for me to visit. And by home I mean Israel. Someone dies every few days here of a terrorist bombing, or military action in the army or something. You learn to...not to get used to
it, but more or less realize how futile it is to get worked up about something that, however horrible, is an everyday occurance. So they hear the news, sigh and think about the death of another innocent  18-
year-old in the wrong tank at the wrong time, and they have to move on and brace themselves. It's normal here; you have to learn to
accept it and move on. They have to keep on going, despite how harsh it may seem. The bombings up north aren't a danger where I am, in Jerusalem and in the Negev hiking next week. Don't worry guys. Just
enjoy your summers and pray for Israel.