Social Justice Letter Collection from CA49

My name is Maddie, I'm a senior in high school and this November I will be attending a social justice advocacy conference in Washington D.C. I am collecting letters from constituents of the 49th district about various social justice issues that effect our community and country that demand strong action and response by Rep. Issa. These letters will be delivered in person, in a meeting with Rep. Issa's D.C. office. Examples of issues discussed in these letters can include but are not limited to: DACA/immigration, gun violence and safely, legislative protections for Special Counsel Muller, and the Muslim travel ban. Please include your name, email address, zip code, and street address in these letters. Letters can be sent to
Guidelines and suggestions: 
Social justice issue examples: 
•DACA, immigration 
•Gun safety and gun control 
•Special investigator Muller and the Russia probe
•Muslim travel ban
•LGBT+ rights and protections 
•Climate change
•Health care

•Your name and email address 
•A demand for specific action from Rep. Issa
•Your street address and zip code
Helpful links: 
article about basic constituent letters: lots of good tips!
•Gun Control Letter template