In the mid 1960’s. . .

    my involvement in letterpress printing began with a Nolan Proof Press, a few cases of type and a variety of tools.  From the very start my attention was focused on two aspects of the craft. 

    First was the love of presswork itself.  That eventually evolved into our family business, Letterpress Services, Inc. where you’ll still find me working on press most days.  Our operations offer such services as numbering, scoring, die cutting and imprinting to the printing trade throughout Western Massachusetts/Northern Connecticut.

    Second was the ongoing need to find all the “things” necessary to equip an ever expanding letterpress operation.  Locating the machines and tools when needed was often times quite frustrating.  As the 70’s ended printing supply houses carried fewer letterpress supplies.  Older job shops had closed down and letterpress departments of larger commercial printers had been dismantled with much of the equipment being discarded.

    As our operations grew through the 80’s into the 90’s various letterpress “things” found their way to the back of our shop, into an outside storage trailer, even into off-site “cold” storage.  So, what had begun as the need to equip began to evolve into a desire to keep various letterpress “things” from being scrapped.

    At the same time there was a noticeable increase in the interest in letterpress both as a vocation and an avocation.  It seemed only natural to try to “find” new owners for all the “things” we’d stored away.  Initially, this was done at open house’s in our shop, at letterpress flea markets, or simply by word-of-mouth.

                Of course, there always seemed to be more “things” coming in to store than space available. Then, a chance meeting in November 2000 with the owner of our current location  resulted in the rental of several thousand square feet of warehouse space.  Finally, machines and tools, type and supplies could be gathered and arranged in one convenient location.

    Presently. . .

    all of our “things” are neatly organized and displayed in over 6500 square feet of space, just like in a store.  Inventory continues to come from shops taken in on consignment or purchased outright when “available funds” permit.   And individual items brought in and left on consignment are always welcome.

                Supplies are also an integral part of our inventory.  New items from NA Graphics and others who manufacture accessories for letterpress printers are available.  A popular  and convenient feature are “packages” and “starter kits” of various supplies, tools and materials. (See “Things”)

    For additional information. . .

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