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Books to be reviewed

Gregory Blount owns these books, but probably won't review them all. Reviews can either be short (1-2 paragraphs) or long (a few pages).
  • Dance, Spectacle, and the Body Politick, 1250-1750, Jennifer Nevile
  • Dance in the Renaissance: European Fashion, French Obsession, Margaret McGowan
  • W.R. Streitberger, Court Revels 1485-1559
  • Sutton and Tsachor, Dances for the Sun King: Andre Lorin's "Livre de Contredance"
  • L'art perfetta del danzare, Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society
  • And then take hands, Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society
  • The Dances of Shakespeare, Jim Hoskins
    • Gregory? Doesn't like this source much
  • Domenico of Piacenza, D R Wilson
  • In the Italian Manner, Hazel Dennison and Jorgen Schou-Pedersen
  • One hundred and one Italian dances, D R Wilson
  • The Eloquent Body: Dance and Humanist Culture in Fifteenth-Century Italy, J Neville
  • The Art of Dancing in 17th Century Spain, Brooks
    • Gregory?; he has digitized the Spanish source
  • The Politics of Courtly Dancing in Early Modern England, Skiles Howard
    • Geoffrey Matthias?
  • Dancing Master or Hop Merchant? Barbara Segal, ed.
  • Women's work: making dance in Europe before 1800, Lynn Matluck Brooks, ed.
  • The Almain in Britain c. 1549 - c.1675, Ian Payne
  • Il Ballarino: Cascarde, Margaret Roe
  • The Early Stuart Masque: Dance, Costume, and Music, Barbara Ravelhofer
  • The Allemande, the Balletto, and the Tanz: Volume I: The History. Richard Hudson
  • Masks, Masques and Masquerades: A Living Tradition. David Wilson, ed.