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Regarding Worldly Suffering

2/17/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Have I not already told you, “Peace is in the knowing that I AM WHO I AM, and you are in life because of Me”? 
Beloved, you were made for Me, created for love’s purpose. I created you in My image, and gave you My breath, My life. Therefore, this is life: I AM HE!... Beloved, you worry, yet I AM HE. You weep, yet I AM HE. You stumble, yet I AM HE. Your hearts tear and break over all these sorrows, yet I AM HE. You struggle and are in turmoil, you feel lost, yet I AM HE. You grasp at the wind and have no understanding, yet I AM HE. You are persecuted by those you love, yet I AM HE. The world hates you, yet I AM HE. Everything you have is passing away, yet I AM HE. Death comes to take you into darkness, yet I AM HE!

Do you not understand?!
The One who sees, The One who knows!...

Everything you suffer, I suffer; every tear you shed, I cry; 
Everything you long to be, yet are unable, I shall be for you... 

You are weak, yet I am strong! You fall apart, yet I restore! 
You die, and My life rushes in! You sin, and I overcome! 
You hate, and I forgive! You hurt, and I heal! 
You turn from Me, yet I remain faithful...

No matter the time or the season, 
In every moment of your life, I AM HE!... "

Says The Lord."

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4/17/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"For thus declares The Lord: This is My Earth, and these are My children; I shall feed them! And you, O most wicked generation, shall starve! For as you have sown, so shall you reap! And that which you have withheld from the poor and the needy shall be taken from you, and you shall suffer. Behold, even all you have wrought in the earth shall return atop your own heads! For I shall strike you down and lay you waste, desolation upon desolation, calamity upon calamity, plagues and famine, until the earth has utterly consumed you!" 


My people are afflicted, and My faithful ones 
Are persecuted, imprisoned and put to death! 
My little ones are brought to harm, and the innocent 
Are murdered in droves, CAST OFF AS REFUSE!... 
Therefore, the afflicted shall be given wealth 
Beyond imagining, and the meek shall inherit the earth; 
The little ones shall be taken, and the innocent shall return home; 
And they shall be My sons and daughters, forever, life without end!..."

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12/5/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Thus says The Lord: Behold, I have come down; yes, I am here. I have come down to dwell in My chosen and to deliver My elect, even every lamb. For I am The Lord, and My jealousy has come to the full. I shall no more tolerate all this injustice and murder, all these abominations, all this wickedness! I shall no more endure all this persecution, even by My own people who pollute My name day and night, without ceasing! For I shall stand upon the earth in My fierce anger, and repay! And I shall defend My elect and protect the weak and the needy, and the cause of the widow shall be fulfilled in her deliverance!... For I am Lord and God, The Deliverer! Yes, I AM HE! "

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