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Regarding Marriage

4/8/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"[God The Father] These words I give you, give to those who need to receive them in their hearts... God gave to man a woman, and saw that it was very good. I have sanctified marriage... And all the world works to desecrate that, which The Lord has granted as a gift.

Those who live in the ways of The Lord, and follow His laws,
To them marriage will be wonderful and joyful, as it was meant to be.

To those who live outside the Law, and follow the ways of the heathen, and act in the manner of demons, to these marriage is a large stone tied about their necks, for the vows taken at the marriage union encompass the full spirit of the Law. Therefore, those, who forsake the Law, become unequally yoked when married... They fight against themselves.For all things bestowed on man encompass My Law, and only come to fulfillment by following its letter. What one does becomes manifest in all aspects of his life... What one does not do, likewise, becomes manifest as troubles and sorrows.

Blessed are those given and received in marriage, who keep My commandments...

For they shall experience love, compassion, understanding, much joy and earthly fulfillment.

All those who first marry their Lord, and become the bride of The Messiah,
Shall likewise have Him in their midst.

So to all those who have wives, treat them as you would treat your Savior, as if He abided in your home... Love your wife as you love your God. Wives, also, love your husband as you love The Lord, and give to him respect and supplication as you do to your Lord. I have made him the head of his house, and you I have taken from his side. You are part of each other, you are one, but you dwell at his side... No house can have two heads, or two wives formed from one rib. Trust in what The Lord has made and brought together. Peace is what The Lord desires of you and you of each other. Therefore, to the husband, duties for the husband. To the wife, duties for the wife. Your duties are all of equal importance, each balancing the other’s. Accept what The Lord has given you, and have joy. Let go of that which you hold on to so tightly, and all that you stand firm against in your relationship. Embrace your spouse, and they shall embrace you. Did The Lord make the branches of the willow tree firm or yielding?... In the yielding, of its branches to the wind, does it live wholly and not break in half... In its yielding does it spread its seed to the wind, and gives shelter to those beneath its branches. It only needs a firm root structure, and to be near the Stream, wherein flows its very life.

As for those in marriage, who smite those near to them with their mouths or with their hands, woe, I say to them... Woe. To lash out at another, with one’s tongue, is worse than he who smites his beloved on her cheek... For whatsoever a man conceives in his heart to do that is wicked, he is already guilty, whether he acts or acts not on his evil notions. Therefore, pay close attention to those things conceived by your heart, for the tempter is ever present, waiting to devour you by that which you have conceived.

Focus on your Lord continually, and the tempter shall flee from you...

Then shall springs of living water flow from your heart, and love flow from your lips...

For whatever a man puts in his mouth does not defile the man,
But whatever proceeds from his mouth, this defiles the man or exalts him, 
In the eyes of The Lord"


3/26/05 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For His Wife’s Brothers and Their Wives, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"For God gave unto man marriage, and sanctified it. Therefore, let no one separate what God has joined together." 


"Thus says The Lord: Sin is sin, all sin is sin. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God... Shall then sin judge sin?! No! Only The One who is without sin shall be your judge; and behold, He is also The Son of Man! Therefore, you do greatly err. For she who is married to your brother is your sister. Cast her not out in bitterness, lest you also be cast out by The Father who is in Heaven... For God gave unto man marriage, and sanctified it. Therefore, let no one separate what God has joined together. 
Tell Me, what wrong has your sister committed against you? Has she not first sinned against The Lord her God? Thus to Me shall she give answer, and at My feet shall she kneel in repentance. Then to her husband she shall go, of which she has already done. Has he not forgiven her and kept her as his wife? He has not written her a bill of divorcement. Shall you then write it for him?... Where are your hearts?! For out of love your brother has forgiven his wife, and out of love your sister has asked for forgiveness! 
Your sister has indeed stumbled, and together with her husband have they fallen. For all stumble, all go astray, and as two of one flesh they fall, for of such is the union of marriage. Yet in true repentance are they lifted up, and upon true forgiveness will new-found trust be established; through love, with steadfast faith in God, will they find strength enough to heal the breach... Therefore, again I ask you, where is your love? Where is the love you claim to have for Me? It is like lukewarm water quickly growing cold, and so too is your love for others. Thus in your own marriage you shall seek love, yet you shall never find it, for you have not first shown love."


10/28/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, have we sinned in regards to our sex life?

Thus says The Lord: When laying together, remember the decrees of God concerning these things of sex and intimacy: You shall not lay with another outside of marriage; with your spouse only shall you lay. Even sex before marriage, called fornication, is adultery. Do not think of others while laying with your spouse; this is adultery of the heart. You shall not lay with your wife, during her monthly shedding of blood. You shall not behold sexual sin with your eyes, nor partake of any form of pornography, for to do so is to sin with them; this too is adultery. You shall perform no unnatural acts, nor shall you partake in sodomy. And no man or woman, in all creation, shall lay with another of their same gender! For this is abomination in the eyes of The Most High God and filled with blasphemy!

I gave unto man woman, from his side did I form her, 
And he who was one became two...
And behold, the two became one again in marriage, 
Two of one flesh, man and woman... 

And I saw that it was very good.

From the Letter:


Reconciliation in Marriage

An unyielding heart sows discord in marriage,
And stubbornness shuts the door to reconciliation...

Yet the one who is first to say,
“I’m sorry” is wise, defusing any argument;
And the one who is quick to forgive
Heals the breach.



The First Stitch

The first stitch, to mend any rent,
Are the words “I’m sorry”...

Says The Lord.

The First Stitch


Blessed are those given and received in marriage, 
Who keep My Commandments...

For they shall experience love, 
Compassion, understanding, 
Much joy and earthly fulfillment.

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