Our five countries came together with the idea to develop innovative practices in both foreign language teaching and learning. We regularly discussed our current systems by means of foreign language education and our experience by mailing, and chatting. We discovered that we can extremely benefit from our diversity to produce a high quality project results and outcomes. 
Teaching foreign languages is currently one of the most exciting challenges for the profession. Also there is a general trend all over the Europe to put more and more effort into learning languages. That is why we want our students to have better foreign learning opportunities. 

We think that during our project from beginning to end and so on our students gain a lot of experiences as follows by this project:
1. We will increase students’ motivation to learn what we are teaching them. This will enable them to progress more quickly and solid in foreign language as well as the content- specific subjects.
2. Students will develop a stronger understanding of foreign culture and will be more likely to “see the big picture” in terms of the relationship between language and practical usage.
3. Students will gain the confidence in their foreign language abilities, especially in communication to share their ideas and beliefs.
So we chose these priorities because we want our students get better individuals to developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods, enhance the quality of foreign language education in high quality learning opportunities. We believe that our project will help us to achieve them. 


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