How To Donate

This year, Child's Play Charity has created their own widget for raising money.  Just like ChipIn, all money goes right to Child's Play Charity.  Also like ChipIn, the money goes through Paypal.  If you are unsure how to donate, just check out this guide below.

It’s easy!  

Step 1:  Follow this link: , and select the amount of money you want to donate to the cause.  Feel free to leave comments below (encouraging would be nice). You will then be taken to a Paypal page with the Child’s Play logo.  These donations are through paypal, but all the money is going to Child’s Play Charity! 

Step 2:  After you fill out info, you will be taken to the donation page where you will confirm your amount, and voila! Your done! You will see your donation via e-mail, and I will see your payment through the Child’s Play Charity website! 

Question - Is my donation tax deductible?   
Answer -  Why, yes it is.  Child's Play's Tax ID Number is 20-3584556

Question - Can I send my money directly to Child's Play Charity?
Answer  - Yes, you can.  Check donations must be mailed to Child's Play via this address:

Child’s Play
123 NW 36th Street
Suite 210
Seattle WA 98107

Question - Seeing this made me want to run my own event, but I don't know where to start.
Answer - Start right here! The Child's Play Charity Website has everything you need to know where to start.  If  
             you see something that you don't understand, or you have some more questions, you should contact  
             Jamie Dillion, who is the event manager at Child's Play Charity.  She helped us out a ton!  

Question - What if I mess this event up?
Answer - What if you don't?  Try your best.  You'll be surprised to see what you can do.