Welsh Meeting

Summary of our works according to the meeting which was held in North Wales.

After a nice welcome given by our Welsh coordinator on the 4th of July, Monday, at Euston Station in London, our project and the teachers involved in it were received by a Representative of The Houses of Parliament. There, we could enjoy and discover part of the history of this emblematic building.

The representative explained to us how works this Institution and, even, we could share a Parliament Session during our visit. There, in the fair, we could see and admire an exhibition with works made by the children about these topics.

During the day, the group visited part of London and had lunch with children and teachers of Bodnant Junior School.

Tuesday, 5th of July

This day we visited and met with the staff, children and Governors at Bodnant Junior School in Prestatyn.

In the school gym the European teachers were introducing to Welsh pupils in a big assembly.

After that, we could do a little tour talking with pupils, taking part in class routines and activities and sharing information with teachers of different levels. So all the European teachers and children of Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Latvian, Spanish and Welsh schools have been able to know the coordinators involved in “Let´s Give Nature a Hand”.

At 11.00 o´clock a.m. the Comenius group departed from the Bodnant Junior to Llangolen to enjoy the international festival of music and dance where children of all around the world, including the kids of the Welsh school, perform singing or dancing.

Finally, we returned to the school for a concert in honor of “Let´s Give Nature a Hand” and, especially to the Welsh coordinator: Mr. Martyn Blythin who in a few months will be retiring.

At the hotel we discuss in a formal meeting about the last assessment and our works, in order to know how to face the final report.

Wednesday, 6th of July

We traveled to the National Park of Snowdonia, one of the aims of our project is to know a National park of every nation. There, we visited the “Electric Mountain”, a place which produces electricity in a very sustainable and ecological way by the strength and fall of the water. All of our group and the staff of this Central agreed in the educative process and projects like ours: Let´s Give Nature a Hand” are extremely important for our environment.

After stopping to see, visit and learn about Caernarfon Castle, a place highly joint to the Welsh history, we celebrated our “last” meeting where we could see and talk about the final report, the last conclusions and impact of our project in the educative community and make a coordinator asses with the results of the questionnaires which our parents, authorities and some children had filled in for us. As it can see on internet, our web and blog site, the results are wonderful and show us the success of “Let´s Give Nature a Hand”.

Finally with all the teachers and Comenius group we watched the final Comenius Anthem “A Better Place for All”, made by the Greek Coordinator Mr. Fotis Stergious.

Thursday, 7th of July

Visit an Outdoor Education Centre in a National Park to take part in extreme activities as Bodnant Junior School´s pupils usually do in their visits to this centre.

Meeting with all the teachers and Comenius group to see a video, which compel up all the activities, schools, meetings and special moments and events of Let´s Give Nature a Hand”.

Farewell ceremony, turn of speaking for every Coordinator, some tears and


COMENIUS PROJECT “Let´s Give Nature a Hand”.