Start with the Student

Some of the best personality tests and inventories of aptitudes are found at  Johnson O'Connor labs (the tests require an appointment).    Interests vs. Aptitutdes
I was lucky.  I was given these tests by my parents ($500 each  
back in 1975).  The inventory of aptitudes helps the student.

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Free Tests
Look for  Alan Chapman's work in assembling these many pages of summaries is admirable.

More Free Tests by Integrating IT

Here are some links that I've used in my classes

For Adults and near-adults:
A lot of reading but useful guidance.

Helpful to some teenagers (who are persistent readers)
I'm not pleased with some of the questions, which I thought were vague and difficult to understand.

Reluctant readers (people who need more visual content)
(I'm looking for a good short-answer, short question test with images)