Make digital portfolios

This page has resources that we use with our students to make digital portfolios.

To see examples of digital portfolios, go to 
High Tech High
Steve's Jan. 2012 Class at Boca Prep   

To store videos and performances of students, use YOUTUBE

To store links for students (to the videos that they post), use Sites Google

To store audio files (.mp3), use (max size 500 MB)
Example: has shared the following song with the world.  Please give the following attribution:  "Arkay Productions and Modern Melodies has given you the permission to listen to and share this song as long as you include this attribution.  Send requests for commercial use to"

To store 

To print a student's work in a book, use print on demand services

Dr. Wagner's autobiography

Lecture Less (by S. McCrea)

This free service asks you to wait 59 seconds beforedownloading the mp3 item.   Be nice -- it's free storage...