Message to International Students

Hello.  Thank you for contacting me.  You can write to me at ...

If you are learning English, please practice what you learned today.
Call one of the people on this list >>>> ( and use your English. There are hundreds of students who are learning English…and they want to practice with you, too.

If you want to receive email messages and practice speaking on Skype, you can do three things:
a) send your email address to and I’ll put your contact information on the BIB Penpals site.
b) Visit and you can put a comment on a video — you will need a free Youtube account
c) Look at the BIB Penpal List (“Practice english”) and contact someone.     YOU CAN ALSO PRACTICE with videos ... 

Part 1  Pronunciation practice

Part 2  Pronunciation practice   

YouTube Video

Frequent Questions
1) “How do I connect with a U.S. person to practice English?”ANSWER: Many U.S. people don’t have time to practice English with you. If you want to wait in line, you can contact a school in the USA and ask to be connected to a teenager who wants to be a “conversation assistant.”

Send me your comments:

2) “Why do I need to practice English with someone from France or Africa or Brazil?”
ANSWER: More non-native speakers speak English (3 billion people with a variety of accents) than the 450 million native speakers of English. Global economic success with come to people who can communicate with anyone who speaks English. Improve your understanding by practicing English with a variety of accents.

Free English Lessons

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