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Thanks to these people

I'm grateful to these people...

Kay and Jack Latona (grandmothersays.com, LetterFromMexico.com, Create-The-Future.com), 

Steve Alford (http://polaris.nova.edu/~alford/index.html, The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, http://ijms.nova.edu/), 

Suzanne Ferris (Chick Lit, Footnotes:  On Shoes), 

Barbara Brodman (gaiglobal.org), 

Jean Greer (that book by the North Carolina university president was helpful),

Elizabeth and Stephen Lipkin for giving me opportunities to use researched methods on your son John,

John Lipkin for connecting me with dozens of young people (so I could test these theories further), 

Abdulrahman Ali Almufti, 

Diane Grondin, 

Tony Lloyd (thank you for those lessons with Google Documents), 

Leslie Lott, 

Mario Llorente, 

Matt Blazek, 

Andrew Gordon (nice science videos that we “discovered” on YouTube), 

Jessica Lawson (“statistics was fun” because you learned stories; calculus was boring because you learned procedures), 

Francois Savain (the original “Mr. Sunshine” in three languages), 

Rosario Sierra, 

Gus San Juan, 

Charles and Claude Thomas, 

Bob Batson (for those hours of developing curricula), 

Frances Bohnsack, 

Milena (what a word wall!),  

Mr. DiSebastian, 

Pat Harris (we have options, pat-harris.com, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/patharris, http://tinyurl.com/patharris), 

John deGroot (mentor, ToetagDiary.com), 

Ron Renna (you used the phrase “guide on the side” in our interview), 

Ahmed Alzahri, 

John Vornle (SpacePathAhead.com, CompareMindset.com), Marshall Thurber (posdev.net, thank you for introducing me to A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink), Dr. Abraham S. Fischler (abe.thestudentistheclass.com),  Will Sutherland (QBEAcademy.net, thanks for turning me onto Carol Dweck’s Mindset), 

Elaine Faber, Jeff Hutt (skills jwhutt@yahoo.com), 

Paloma Ortegas (palomaortegas@hotmail.com, thank you for the translations), 

Robert F. Stockton, 

Gary King (my WSJ clipper),

Hillary Howrey (for hours of formatting and for uncovering those Piaget quotations), 

Patricia Baughman (outstanding teacher online), 

Stacey White (for advocating “filling the pail” before lighting the fire), 

Charles Schlosser, 

Michael Simonson (http://www.nova.edu/~simsmich), 

A. Orellana, 

C. Lacey (what a patient guide on the side), 

David Rhodes,

Arthur von Wiesenberger, Aura Reinhardt (for prodding), 

Evgeny Volter (for introducing me to Sugata Mitra), 

Deepak, Rohit and Shruti Kilpadi (for those persistent questions in 1982), 

Nicholas Vornle (for reminding me of the pace of development of the prefrontal cortex), 

Paulie (stixmadison, for our ELO talks), 

Dana Rosenberg (youtube.com/danabrose), Jeff Mohamed (englishInternational.com), 

Cary Elcome, 

Jair da Filho Silva (advocate of Florianopolis), 

Guillaume, Carolyn Ennis, Arahni Sant, Rana Sahni, Noel Thompson, Jack Rich (for introducing me to the innovative Paul Wagner), 

Sandro Corsini, 

Fawlty (our 15-minute talks), 

F.E.C. (Saturday morning updates and your newspaper clipping service), 

Louis Snyder, 

George Hartogensis (the employer’s view of education), 

Duncan Maxwell (for unbridled passion about what Corlette talked about, and for an easy-to-remember eddress snakepoisonbad@yahoo.co.uk), 

Raymond Merz, 

Bahman Azarm, 

Andrea Azarm, 

Beatrice Vornle,  

Stephen Shasha (put more of your guitar work on YouTube), 

Ken Jeffus (for introducing me to Skype and YouTube), 

Guerric Vornle (for discussions about nutrition and the brain), 

Stephanie Vornle (for inviting me to speak in your school), 

Thomas Hoerr (for welcoming me into your school, NewCitySchool.org), 

Howard Gardner’s assistant (who told me about New City School in November 2005), 

Alexandra Vornle (for seeking out my advice, reviving an aging brain), 

Iain Barraclough (for the links to deBono’s work and for insights into Deming), 

Marv Meissner (marvmeissner.com), Ian (for zamzar.com), Dennis Yuzenas (ebooks), Marina Vornle (for those questions about genetics),  

Marion Fischel (for translations and inspiring anecdotes), 

Jennie Hinde (for your advocacy in Kenya NewDawn-Association.org), 

Kathleen Krites (passionate about life), 

Jane Golay, Jane Beamont (ardent teacher), 

JK McCrea (the ardent scanner of media, particularly for finding the sole public broadcast of The Brain Game by Nancy Snyderman).

This dedication appeared in the draft edition of Let's Lecture Less and, thanks to feedback from my focus group, it now appears here.  

Scanography by Scott Solochek  

Search “Scott Solochek Hallelujah” 


My nephew plays with passion

here is the complete quote that appears in an abbreviated way in the Let's Learn to Lecture Less" version of the book.

EnhanceLearning.ca, fno.org, Jamie McKenzie's article The WIRED Classroom  provides a list of descriptors of the role of a teacher who is a Guide on the Side while students are conducting their investigations.

"... the teacher is circulating, redirecting, disciplining, questioning, assessing, guiding, directing, fascinating, validating, facilitating, moving, monitoring, challenging, motivating, watching, moderating, diagnosing, trouble-shooting, observing, encouraging, suggesting, watching, modeling and clarifying."  Jamie McKenzie