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Breathing and Posture: the Foundation for Learning

<<< this is the goal.  Relaxed body and mind, ready to focus.

Hans Selye described the RELAXATION RESPONSE.  We know that the body reacts to stress by removing blood from some areas.  There is the "fight or flight" response.  We can offset this by creating a relaxed attitude in the mind and body.  This relaxed state of mind and body promotes learning.

The photos on this page come from a video that Carlos made to describe how to sit on the floor and breahe deeply while emptying the mind.   This skill can allow students to prepare for the next lesson.

I will put some additional comments in this column



When you put your knees on the ground, keep about TWO FISTS apart.

Yes, this looks like a technique from jujitsu.

But this technique has the elements of every discipline.

Please prepare yourself before your classes by using this simple technique.  Eventually you will be able to close your eyes, take a deep breath and get this response while sitting in a classroom.

Even later, you will be able to get the relaxation response with your eyes open.

Write to me with your comments and I'll pass them to Carlos


Breathing and Posture:  Creating the Foundation for Learning

Your hands are in a firm position and relaxed.  They support your arms and shoulders in a comfortable position.

Eventually you will make an O and you will hold a large imaginary grapefruit in your hands.

I respect the Muslim religion for their FIVE TIMES a day practice of getting in this position.  Very good for the brain's health.  Singing, chanting, reciting, all of this keeps the body breathing and focused on something internal because the eyes are closed.
-- Steve

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Carlos has a technique for training the mind and body.
You can find this video at "breathing and posture carlos"
Please watch this video

Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply

Stand tall.   Feet should be under the core of your body.  You are balanced.

Put your hands on your thighs and bow at 45 degrees, looking parallel to the floor at your teacher.

Step forward with the right foot, drop to your left knee, and keep the toes of the left foot ready to support you and spring you up.

Bring your other foot back and hold this vertical position.  You are balanced.

Take a breath, then another.   Your breathing is calm.

This is the view from the other side after you slowly sit on your heels.

Breathe easily, deeply, in through your nostrils, out through the mouth.

After three minutes or when you start to feel ready to get up, lean forward and bow to the teacher or to the wall.  Show respect to the Life Force or whatever you believe is "out there."

Put your hands down on the ground and lower yourself.

This is good for putting blood in your brain.

This is a powerful position.  Hold it for as long as you want.  Let the blood go to the brain.

PUt your body up, put your hands on the sides of your hips and outer thights, hold this position (you might need something to reduce the pressure on your knees from the hard floor)

And breathe...

Take a step forward with your right foot and hold the position.   Keep the left foot back and press up.

Come to a standing position.  

Feel the relaxation, the strength in your legs holding you up.

The blood is flowing, so move slowly to each position.

Breath deeply.   Your mind is empty.

If a thought comes, let it float and then let it go.  It is a butterfly and it will flutter away.  It's okay.

Let the body relax while you are standing

No give a final 45 degree bow from the waist.   

That's it.  Repeat these postures until you can do them smoothly without looking at these notes.   Take about three minutes each day to do this procedure.

Are you ready for class?

Eventually if you watch someone doing these postures, you will automatically feel the calm and focus that the posture gives you.

That's all for now.

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