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A Sample Lesson Plan

It is often a good idea to see an example of a good lesson plan so that you can identify good plans in the future.
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The Palm Beach County Historical Society (PBCHS) has asked Oxbridge Academy (OA) to participate in a major exhibition centered on Palm Beach County’s role in WWII. The Historical Society will be opening the exhibit this coming December.

Oxbridge Academy’s role is the compilation of 10--12 videotaped oral histories of World War II veterans. The interviews would are all conducted at Oxbridge Academy during school hours. The Essential Skills class at OA is preparing audio and video to be sent to the Library of Congress for inclusion in their Veterans Oral History Project and video for inclusion in the PBCHS WWII exhibit. This is an example of Service Learning and Project Based Learning all rolled into one!
Lise Steinhauer, PBCHS staff oral historian, met with students in the Essential Skills class and delivered a workshop on the art of conducting oral history interviews
The veterans are “supplied” and transportation provided by PBCHS Education Director Tony Marconi.

The videotape equipment and video editing is supplied by OA. The interviews are conducted during the school day. Editing takes place during school and after school as the need arises.
This cross-curricular project is supported in Dr. Sheilagh Riordan’s French and Speech and Debate classes, Tom Maher and Barbara Zisk’s History classes, Dennis Yuzenas’ Essential Skills class, and the Digital Media class.
This project conforms to every one of components listed in the OA Habits of Mind and the Six A’s of Designing Projects.

Timeline: the project begins the second week of September and runs to November 30, 2011.


How are we graded in Essential Skills?
All class assignments will be graded using rubrics that students will access at the time projects/class work is assigned.

It is expected that assignments will be submitted when due. It is understood that there are extenuating circumstances that may preclude this from happening. Students will conference with the teacher when this situation arises. A case by case review will be in effect. Otherwise, a grade reduction of 10% per day may be imposed.

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If you're someone that wants to develop your Essential Skills personal skill set go here:

To bring forth creative inspiration, your first objective is to settle yourself within a motivational and relaxing environment that naturally stimulates the creative thought process. For further insights and ideas on how to create this environment, have a read of Developing Smart Study Habits.

Creativity-- http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hot-thought/201005/how-be-creative



These projects go well when the students have described their  passions and interests and evolved goals (and an Individual Education Plan from these goals).

For some people, goals are easy.   Others need to explore their interests and they might find the following link helpful:


I'm not pleased with some of the questions, which I thought were vague and difficult to understand.
KnowYourType.com has some useful pages, but students who are reluctant readers might not get engaged in the pages of grey text.

What are your opinions?  If you find a better way to guide people to identify their interests and passions, let me know.
Consider the insights of Dr. Richard E. Clark with his article about 

FUN "Brain Grade" activity (with suggestions for improving the efficiency of your brain)

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