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The Story
In 2009 I was teaching a class of students from Italy and three of their teachers asked to sit in my class. The teachers took notes. 

"How did you learn to teach this way?" they asked me. 

My answer:  "I copy Dennis Littky's method: 
(1) Ask students about their goals. 
(2) Help them learn the skills they need to reach their goals.  Read his book The Big Picture and you'll be able to get students engaged again."


Theory: Teachers of English in classes of fewer than 14 students tend to spend less time lecturing. These teachers usually ask students "what do you want to learn to talk about?"  They can show other teachers how to lecture less.  

James Zull observed that his students fell into a passive state of mind when he lectured to them.  He stopped talking at his students and he asked them to do projects and to ask him questions.  Sometimes he starts talking at his students again ... and they start to become passive again ...  page 127 in his book The Art of Changing the Brain (2002).


I want to observe good teachers and become a better teacher.  Here's my dream:  visit your school, talk with a group of teachers and students and learn from each other.

What is a guide on the side?

The Guide on the Side is an organizer; he is not a dictator. The guide says,"You can learn from other people in this room."
Turn to your neighbor and talk about this problem.  Talk with the students next to you: Ask them to explain something to you.  

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Steve is available to speak about these methods and to share links.  The main idea: Let's make classes interesting, engaging and active.
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I might be in your city next year.  Please contact me -- I want to visit your school.

Let's Lecture Less in classes
1.  Send a list of videos home with your students.  
2.  Use class time for discussions and projects.


Steve is available to speak about these methods and to share links.

The main idea: Let's make classes interesting, engaging and active.

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Interesting work by an educational consultant
 Die Geschichte  2009 unterrichtete ich eine Klasse mit Schülern aus Italien. Drei ihrer Lehrer baten mich, meinen Unterricht besuchen zu dürfen. Sie machten sich Notizen von meinem Unterricht.

"Wo haben Sie gelernt, auf diese Weise zu unterrichten? fragten sie mich. Meine Antwort: "Ich verwende Dennis Littkys Methode: (1) Frage Schüler nach ihren Zielen. (2) Helfe ihnen dabei, die Fähigkeiten zu erwerben, die sie für das Erreichen ihrer Ziele brauchen. Lesen Sie das Buch The Big Picture und Sie werden in der Lage sein, ihre Schüler wieder zu packen."


Theorie: Englischlehrer in Klassen mit weniger als 14 Schülern tendieren dazu, weniger zu dozieren. Diese Art von Lehrern fragt die Schüler gewöhnlich: "was möchtet ihr gerne lernen?" Sie können anderen Lehrern zeigen, wie man weniger doziert. 

James Zull beobachtete, dass seine Schüler in eine passive Haltung fielen wenn er dozierte. Er hörte auf, seine Schüler vollzureden und ließ sie Projekte durchführen und Fragen stellen. Manchmal fängt er wieder an auf seine Schüler einzureden... und folglich nehmen sie wieder ihre passive Haltung ein... Seite 127 in seinem Buch The Art of Changing the Brain (2002).

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