Examples of Projects

The Blog

Steve McCrea puts short lessons on a blog (linked to FreeEnglishLessons@gmail.com)

His students have created Facebook groups
Links to closed groups that students created.

His students have created 10-page reports
links to Boca English Students

HERE IS A VERY SPECIAL PROJECT.  Steve, the teacher, writes the following message when he finds excellent students who are ready to practice with peers around the world.  He writes to his colleagues...

Dear fellow teachers:
This is an "all points request" for you to identify your more mature female students and give them the following message...
Dear mature female student (who is serious about life)
Hello.  My friend Steve is teaching a group of teenagers from Bulgaria, Bolivia, Brazil and France.  He invites you to contact two of his best students... here is the message:

I found several very nice female students who want greater challenges.  I told Francesca and Juana that I would write to some mature students who are serious about making a difference in the world.   You can write to them at Juana <juanabonilla@hotmail.com> (South America)  and Francesca_96@hotmail.com   (France)   ....  I encourage my most mature serious students to reach out to my other fabulous students (I talk about you as a dedicated person who inspired me to be a better teacher) and I hope you have time to contact them.   Thank you.   You can find more at our website  GUIDEONTHESIDE.COM   ... if you have time, I know these two very nice students will benefit from your experience and you might enjoy visiting South America and France someday....

NOTE THIS IS FOR YOUR FEMALE students only.    female to female, please.... for efficient English learning...

Each of you has at least one student who is mature and focused...  let's get peers talking with peers
How about this formula as a way to build 21st Century skills of curiosity, collaboration, communication, analyzing information, and taking the initiative?

Digital Portfolios

Here are examples of digital portfolios

This logo appears here to highlight the creativity of the next generation.  (I have written to ask for permission to show her link and to put this logo here.  If she wants me to remove it, I will.  This is an example of portfolios that lead to understanding.)

Videos to show projects

Mr. Omar Vasile's class gives short power point presentations to the class, the other students take notes and make comments, Mr. Vasile adds to the lecture -- he's a guide on the side

A group of students lead the class

Dennis Yuzenas gives his class of students a list of projects.  "Work together or work alone.  Go, discover, then tell me what you learned."

The nine-minute video tour

The 9-minute video tour shows stages in the day of a "guide on the side."