Book: Let's Lecture Less (Introduction)

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A short book of quotes

and commentaries

from a Guide On The Side



Steve McCrea


with Mario J. Llorente Leyva



Dennis Yuzenas, one of my favorite guides on the side

This short book will give you the essence of the Guide on the Side philosophy.


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Copyright 2012 by Steve McCrea.  Also available in print, published on

ISBN:  978-1-105-61577-1  <<< the print version of this book ISBN




This quotation inspired me to compile this book.




I decided to stop lecturing several years ago and my students have been active and engaged in class ever since.  But once in a while I slip back into that lecturing habit, and the minute I do, my students also slip back into that stupor that made me abandon the practice in the first place.  

James Zull (2002), The Art of Changing the Brain, page 127 




So, we have to create a new mindset about “What happens in a classroom?”


To begin, let’s lecture less.





Table of Contents





The end of lecturing

Let’s stop speaking to everyone at the same time



The Skillful Use of Lectures

By Mario Joel Llorente



Ten Points



Global Skills



Help an Old Man (invite a future old man to speak at your school)


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