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Little girls in Feather Boas, decorated Hats or sparkly Tiaras...Tea Parties...Princesses...what better way to combine these delightful elements of childhood than in a book and/or tea party?  Mary Engelbreit's art will entice you to stop what you are doing and take a few moments to enjoy 'teatime'- either 'real' or 'make believe' with your young princess. And, while Disney has given us familiar favorites in Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Jasmine, there are several 'new' princesses waiting to be introduced to our young ladies.     

The following books for readers ages 3 -8 incorporate the love of tea parties with fun adventures:

"Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy" by Jane O'Conner (Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser).  In this adorable book , one of Fancy Nancy's adventures is having tea with her neighbor, Mrs. DeVine and her papillon Jewel.  You'll have to read the story to find out which "posh' dog becomes a perfect puppy for Nancy's family.


"A Little Princess In The Making" (A Royal Guide To Becoming A Girl Of Grace) by Emilie Barnes (Illustrated by Michael Sparks).   Colorful illustrations bring Princess Emilie Marie to life as she shares her love for tea parties and how she makes them special.  Your little princess will love joining Emilie Marie as a "princess in training" learning about friendship and good manners.


"Gigi And The Royal Tea Party" by Sheila Walsh and Meredith Johnson.  This charming book finds 'Princess' Gigi looking for the perfect way to share a "grand announcement" with her best friend, Frances.  After much deliberation and a little help from her cat, Lord Fluffy, Gigi invites Frances to a tea party. Of course this is not just any tea party but a 'ROYAL' tea party.  What better way to share her special news?  Frances is a princess too!


"PRINCESS TEA PARTIES" by Michal Sparks is a "must have" for every little 'Princess' who wants to learn the "how to's" of serving tea to her friends.  Included are instructions for invitations, craft ideas, decorations, games and menu suggestions for 6 different tea parties. 


 "Emma Lea's First Tea Party" is the first in an adorable new series by Babette Donaldson (illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk).  Emma Lea is very excited, she is finally old enough to be invited to her grandmother's  traditional birthday tea party.   Find out how she changes this tradition and makes it a special day for everyone in her family.

"The Royal Easter Tea Party" written by Megan E. Bryant (illustrated by Claudine Gevry).   Princess Rose, Princess Tulip, Princess Clover and Princess Lilac are four bunnies who must each find their special egg before they can have their tea party in the royal gardens.   This beautifully illustrated book invites interaction by the reader as each of the eggs are  found.


A princess in the age group of  8-10 is likely to be a fan of the "Babysitter's Club" books.  You never know where 'tea treasures' will turn up.  Ann M. Martin's book in her series entitled "KAREN'S TEA PARTY" is indeed a 'tea-lightful' surprise.

 From ages 9 to 99, young ladies will want to add the following books to their reading lists.  They share helpful hints for both hosting as well as being a guest at tea and their delightful illustrations will bring a smile to your face.

Whimsical books by Cicely Mary Barker and Mary Englebreit may capture your imagination in addition to giving tea recipes that will make your 'teatime' a one-of-a-kind event.

Cicely Mary Barker's enchanting Flower Fairies share "HOW TO HOST A FLOWER FAIRY TEA PARTY".   This is a marvelous way to introduce a new generation of young ladies to Barker's imaginative world of fairies.

 With her whimsical, colorful illustrations Mary Englebreit gives every tea hostess some fabulous tea ideas and recipes in her "LET'S PARTY COOKBOOK". 


"LET'S HAVE A TEA PARTY" by Emilie Barnes is an excellent 'first' book for young ladies to learn the basics of 'teatime'.



Susan Wheeler's charmingly illustrated books  are especially heartwarming and delightful.   For reading 'aloud' together, you and your little 'princess' will enjoy "TEA WITH VICTORIA ROSE". 

"LET'S HAVE TEA TOGETHER" is a lovely resource for recipes as well as ideas to make your tea celebrations simply charming.


The charming tales and illustrations of BEATRIX POTTER continue to delight tea lovers no matter what their age.  "THE TALE OF MRS. TIGGY-WINKLE" with Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle having tea with Lucie and "THE PIE AND THE PATTY PAN" with Ribby, the Pussy-cat, inviting Duchess, the little dog, to tea will bring a smile to your face.



Of course, every little princess will need "royal" china for serving her guests.  Today, there are many smaller size versions of elegant teatime items.  Some adorable sets that are the perfect size for smaller hands are:

"My Tea Party" - This miniature dish set while ceramic, is very durable.  It includes a teapot, cups and saucers, a sugar and creamer and the cute addition of a cookie cutter for use in making cookies and sandwiches for your tea party.  While designed for the young ladies in mind, because it is a miniature, those 'young at heart' ladies use it in their home decor.

"Utterly Elegant Tea Parties" - This is a cute book and tea set combination.  The tea set for two is perfect for use with the party ideas in the book.  Can't you just imagine the fun and giggling that your little princess and her friends will be having as they learn about teatime?

"Miss Sandy's Serving Tea Set" by Sandy Clough is one of those sets perfect for 'children' of any age.  Doll collectors as well as those who collect tea sets would enjoy this cheerful yellow with pink accent roses tea set.  Wouldn't this tea set make a great gift idea when paired with the book "COME TO MY TEA PARTY: KINDNESS AND FRIENDSHIP FOR YOUNG LADIES" by Sandy Lynam Clough. 

"COME TO MY TEA PARTY: KINDNESS AND FRIENDSHIP FOR YOUNG LADIES" by Sandy Lynam Clough.  This adorable book shares tips for tea party "how to's" and more importantly, how kindness and friendship will give tea parties that special sparkle of warm hospitality.


Royal Fantasy has created its charming "PRINCESS TEA SET" that includes a teapot, creamer, sugar, plate, 4 cups/saucers, 4 spoons and 4 cloth napkins.  Perfect for a special tea party play date! 

"The Vision Forum. Inc." (www.visionforum.com)  offers the following tea sets,  tea trolley and lovely fashion items that are perfect for the young lady just discovering the joys of tea!

Every young lady would love a Silver Tea Service that includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer and tray.

An elegant porcelain set decorated with a floral pattern edged in gold includes a teapot, creamer, and sugar along with a set of four cups/saucers and plates.  This set comes in a padded cloth case.

An extra special item is their wooden "Tea Trolley".  This includes a silver tea set with a teapot, sugar, creamer and tray as well as 4 settings of the floral print china.  It also includes a pink gingham tablecloth and napkins for 4.


For teatime fashion attire, what could be more perfect than a pink Victorian dress and lace gloves reminiscent of the days of the "Titanic"?  To complete the ensemble how about a lovely lace parasol? 



Wouldn't a special necklace like this be perfect with that sparkling tiara and special dress for tea?