Ropkind Scharf's Wonderful World

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Ropkind Scharf is an international man of mystery.

From his castle on a small island off the coast of Haiti he runs the Ropkind Scharf Organization, a shadowy body that is responsible for all sorts of things.

He first leaped to fame in the 1960’s when he formed that well-known band, “The Scharfettes”. In 1974, when they were on their South East Asian tour, he abandoned them for a joke. He understands that Fifi Scharfette is still stuck in Manila.

Although he now does most of his business in Port-au-Prince, he also spends a lot of time in Basra and Kaliningrad.

He has always been convinced of the need to have better information than anyone else, and accordingly he would like to provide you with this melange of little known facts and interesting correspondence.The dates above each article are given in the Ropkind Scharf Standard International Calendar, which is pretty much the same as the normal one, except year one was the year in which Wonderful World commenced publication.