August 0001

Glacier Collecting, A Smoking Chocolatier, and Tuning Forks. A Surprise Lurking In Your Calendar.

 September 0001

The Mexico City Metro, Invisible Exhibits, and Part Of A Soldier.

 October 0001

A Hitherto Unforeseen Danger, and a Writer Of Slim Volumes, Also, When Politics Go Bad, and a little known

aspect of London local history.

 November 0001

Oriental Ingenuity Oliphant Smeaton’s Wish Granted and Seevohm Prout.

 December 0001

A Mystery Solved, Near Zero, and A Snail’s Pace From Pyongyang

 January 0002

The Big Snooze, More Glaciers, and Free Sweets.

 Febuary 0002

Greenpeace Speaks Out! Bits Of Saints, and A Catastrophe For Soyuz.

 March  0002

Transport Special: Mexican Metro (2), Venetian Sedan Chairs (1) and Postillions. Also Big Bugs.

 April 0002 

Venetian Sedan Chairs (2), St. Jake Of Pasadena, Another Aviation Accident.

 May 0002

Jim Wanger & Lloyd Prosser, Star Wars, Burger King, Marie Antoinette & Rasputin & That Crowd, Glaciers.

 June 0002

New At Kew, An Announcement, Ted Nugent, Yay!!!

  July 0002

Strange Deaths, Awards Ceremony, Britney Spears, Octopi, UFO abductions

 August  0002

St. Jake, Salt Lake City, Food, Charles Darwin, Large Type, Carthage.

 September 0002

Geoff Bridges, Blues History, Ted Nugent, A German Lesson. Also Funny Money and Time Trouble.

 October 0002

Blues Blues, Three Factoids, St. Jake revisited.

 November 0002

More Blues, LOTS of new characters, Malheureusement. Also a Complaint, and the low down on String, Beer, Directions and Rats.

 December 0002

A Competition, Depravity And Corruption In A Can, Dieter, Gitte & Peter, The Music Of The Spheres.

 Go Spanish!

A St. Jake Special.

 January  0003

Bitter ‘n’Twisted Jones, Competition Entries, Jasper Waterstone

 Febuary 0003

The Big Prize Awarded! Vince’s Cylinder, The Ark Of The Covenant.

 March  0003

Raoul Writes, Short Time, some Revelations About Vince, Motorized Pogo Sticks.

 April 0003

A Communication from Montreal, Jings, Early Lava Lamps, Marvin Gunk and Ms. Pimbleman.

 May 0003

Lunch At The Zoo, Making Tea Under Pressure, Your Feedback On Jings, The Marvin Gunk Newsletter!

 Special edition

How to make a few million, the easy way.

A master class by Ropkind Scharf

 June 0003

Voting Rights In The USA, Further Jings, Frotty Pinkerton, More Gunk and St. Jake Of Pasadena. Also, a letter from Vienna.

 July 0003

Good Places To Eat. Gunk. That rare thing, a complaint about Wonderful World.

 August 0003

St. Jake plays cards. Is This Really True? Gunk Again. Ms. Pimbleman Requests. The Kleinmann Files.

 September  0003

London Snow. Ms. Pimbleman Gets Mail!

 October  0003

Ms. Pimbleman’s Mum Writes In. Dr. Scharf Tells A Story.

 November 0003

A Thriller, A Strange Discovery In Cheam.

 December 0003

Desert island. Janny da Vinci. A poem in Spanish. Two Victorian gentlemen

 January 0004

The Lost City of Elfloz

 February 0004

Roger of the Outback, The Baker Street Enigma

 March 0004

The Parables of St Jake of Pasadena

 April 0004

The Parable of the Missin’ Posse

 May 0004

The Carstairs Gambit, A New Light on St. Jake

 June 0004

Stan and Jenny in Mexico, Fecund Italians

 July 0004

Avast, Ye Swabs!

 August 0004


 September 0004

Little Jakeisms, Great Handymen of History

 October 0004

Velnias and others

 November 0004

The Church of the Normal

 December 0004

Amazing find, Last Resting Place

 January 0005

St Jake and the Mole Asses

 Febuary 0005

Colonel John Thomas Scharf

 March 0005

The Band of Menace

April 0005

Rex Gorman (part 2), An Unusual Ceremony