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Glacier Collecting, A Smoking Chocolatier, and Tuning Forks. A Surprise Lurking In Your Calendar.



The world’s biggest museum is the Glacier Museum in Punta Begonia, Chile. With their recent acquisition of the Jørkfulness glacier, originally located in Spitzbergen, the museum has been expanded to cover 270 square kilometres, 60% of which is roofed.

The jewel of the collection, quite literally, is the Hapamapadaptra glacier, originally from the Himalayas. When it formed, this glacier crushed a vein of sapphire bearing rock and now contains millions of minute, glittering jewels. It is very beautiful.

How do the glaciers get to the museum? This is easier than it sounds. Being made of ice, they are naturally slippery, so it is a simple matter to launch them into the sea. From there, giant tugs tow them to southern Chile.

The museum is closed throughout the southern winter, and open 24 hours a day in the summer.



A reader has been kind enough to send us a postcard from Punta Begonia. You can see it above.


James Rochester of Winnipeg smokes 260 cigarettes a day. This is believed to be more than anyone else. He gives up completely for lent. He is also one of Canada’s most prominent chocolatiers.


The tuning fork was invented by Johannes Schreiber of Graz in 1284. He originally used them for summoning bats for alchemical experiments.



As you probably know, most months have four weeks in them, but we sometimes get one with five. Once in a while there is one with six. October 2037 will be very special though, as it will have seven weeks in it, and this will make it the month with the most weeks since February 1325.

This will cause some problems, as many bills are issued monthly, and landlords and suppliers are expected to suffer severe cash flow problems if they have to wait an extra three weeks for their payments. Here in Britain, Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes has proposed legislation allowing landlords to charge double rent in respect of any month longer than six weeks.