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Spam and Privacy Policy

Spam policy: 


We don't like spam, so we don't want to put you on our email announcement list if you

are not interested in receiving announcements about our events.

This is an announcement list, not a discussion group.  Let's Dance group moderators 

are the only ones who can send messages to the group - Individual members cannot

post announcements. 


We make great effort to NOT send you messages that you do not want to receive (hence

the complexity of setting up these lists). 

       -  We do not and will not send public service,political, or general data emails to our subscribers,
                only announcements of specificdances that you have expressed interest in.

       -  We do not share or sell our list.

       -  We do not forward info of other organizers’ events – get on their list for that. (We’ve learned that
               people will get off of our list if they get our info from multiple sources.)

       -  If its not our dance event, we won't send a message.


Privacy policy: 


    -  We do not let other subscribers know who is on the announcement lists.

    -  Each subscriber receives an individual email. 

    -  Member information is not available to others on the website, its only visible to site managers. 

    -  We will not give out contact information to another subscriber (Hey, do you have Suzie's email?)