This is a Google website to share information about Let's Dance.  We host dances and workshops in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  Our primary dance is Waltz (click on this link for more waltz info), and we have a google group (click on different "Waltz Events" link below), where you can sign up to receive announcements for our waltz events. (Or we can help sign you up if you are computer challenged - just send us an email at address below.)  Meanwhile, these groups are Google groups so there is an "unsubscribe" option sent with every email, - you can easily remove yourself from any Google group at any time if you desire.  We can help you  "unsubscribe" you if you have any difficulties - We don't like spam either - (check out our Spam and Privacy Policy page).  

Why sign up for our announcements? 
1)  Every other major announcement source (including The Orange Peel Calendar) has posted incorrect information about our events, and we have no way to correct it - we can only control our own announcements.
2)  Any last minute changes can only be sent to our group.  
(weather changes, schedule changes - both have happened)

Our groups are announcement only groups - members cannot send messages to the group, only the moderator can.  Members do not have access to other members' contact info through these groups.   

Please help us get messages to you...
Some browsers treat our email announcements as Spam (even if you sign up to the Google Group).  It may help if you add this address to your contacts list (or acceptable sender list):  ScottBaxla@gmail.com    (this is the actual address, the user name comes up as Let's Dance, Asheville).  

We only send announcements from this gmail address, so we only check this email when we are organizing an event.  For more timely communications w/ us (sending us an email to which you want a timely response ) send emails to:  ScottBaxla@yahoo.com.

To receive dance announcements, click on the following links (one at a time) to subscribe.  There are "subscribe" options on the linked pages.  (They are on different web pages, so we recommend clicking the "back arrow" to navigate back to this page if you want to get back.)
    Note:  If you sign up for "All Dances" and also individual dances, you will get duplicate emails.

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Zydeco/Cajun Events
                Swing Events (inactive)
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