Mother of 2 and counting

A full-time working mummy with 2 cuties, one called Cinderella and the other called Prince. I like to look for good deals because I don't believe in paying more than I should (there is always a huge profit margin built in for most products). Some people would think that that is bordering on stingy... but given this time and age, we really need to stretch our dollars. Else how do I have my 2 kids and more... ;P

Anyway, I thought, since I am going to look for all these deals anyway, why not share it with other parents who care? So to those who take time to look at this website, I hope that you would find something that would make your day today.


Recent Buys: Money in... Money Out...

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When we have to compare prices...

Are you one of those who would go to the supermarket, stand in front of the diaper aisle, pull out your handphone calculator, start punching in the prices of the difference brands to find out which one is offering the cheapest per-unit-cost diapers that day? If you are, welcome to the club!

Parenthood is such an expensive business. You never know how much one can spend at the supermarkets until you start buying diapers and milk powder on a monthly basis. We are often the ones who have tons of NTUC coupons simply because the amount we spend at NTUC run into hundreds every month.

Hopefully, this website would let you have the prices of various diapers and milk powder at your finger tips and let you know where to find some of the cheapest offers in Singapore. And should you come across any good deals, do share with us and add on to the list!