St.-Petersburg State University

Philological Faculty

First Summer School

of Minority Languages and Language Policy “Peliken”

    Welcome to our site of the 1st Summer School of Minority Languages and Language Policy “Peliken”!

    The school is named after Peliken – a friendly and happy Chukchee totem-god. The name is to reflect  continuity: since 2006 a seminar “Peliken” has been functioning at the Philological Faculty; this seminar unites linguists whose research interests lie in studying languages of indigenous peoples of Russia.

    This Summer School, that, as we hope, will become an annual event, is to cover a very broad range of issues. These are minority languages and language policy that is implemented about such languages.

    The School will be opened at the Philological Faculty of St.-Petersburg State University and held from the 27th of June till the 8th of July, 2011.

    Since the 1st of February, 2011 we announce a call for applications to the School. Participants will have a wide range of possibilities to form their individual flexible curriculum.

    Applicants may form their own set of subjects out of the list that we offer. Thus, you can choose 72 hours of lectures, according to your own interests.

    We invite everybody who is engaged in working with the problems of preservation, research and teaching of minority languages and support for minority language communities to participate in the School. The subjects that we offer may be interesting to linguists (students and postgraduates) and administrators who deal with implementing ethnic and language policies in the regions of Russian Federation.

    Those who successfully finish the School will get certificates of in-service training.