Past Results

  • 2008 The first Le Terrier. Start and finish at Lancaster Town Hall. 82 starters. Fastest for short course 3:13:30. Long course 5:50:30. Last finisher 9:49:05
  • 2009 the second Le Terrier event with start and finish at our new home at Williamsons Park. 156 starters. Fastest for short course 2:38:28. Long course 4:46:56. Last finisher 9:46:10
  • 2010 New HQ at Ashton Memorial in the centre of the park. 219 starters. Fastest for short course - Jon Barry (Lancaster CC) 2:46:01. Long course 4:32:57. Last finisher 9:15:00
  • 2011 Now in its fourth year it has grown from 82 starters in 2008 to a total entry this year of 266 of which 232 started. In previous years the riders only had two routes to choose from – a (hard) short route of 44miles or a (harder) long route of 76miles but this year although the long route was shortened to a less severe 67miles there was an extra testing 102.4mile route dubbed the ‘Hors Catégorie’ or HC Route.  Sportives are meant to be a challenge and many locals, not just members of the cycle clubs, took the challenge and passed with flying colours despite the hills, the roads and near three hours of, at times heavy, rain – not just the occasional light shower as forecast. Well done to all but special mention needs to be made of the two youngest solo riders (not on the back of a tandem) ever to ride Le Terrier. The previous youngest rider was 11year old Henrietta Colborne of Border City Wheelers in 2009 but this year 10year old Bobby Horton and 9year old Ffion Ashton, both members of Salt Ayre Cog Set, took the challenge of the 43mile route and completed it in less than seven hours.  
  • 2012 for the second year running the terrier suffered at the hands of the weather but the bad weather of 2012 far exceeded that 2011. It rained from the onset and and hardly let off all day. Only 134 signed in on the day with many deciding not to even bother turning out and out of those that started 32 DNF with some giving up as a as early as the descent from Jubilee towers when they found themselves struggling into the wind and having to pedals downhill to make any progress. 97 riders finished in the three official routes (30, 45, 22) and a handful the hybrid route with easy finish through Caton. Of the 30 who did the full " Olympic" routes the fastest was Richard Schilling with a time of 7:39:03 with the last rider taking nearly 11 hours to complete the course. even on the short course which was only marginally changed from 2011 time were much slower, the fastest of the 22 riders      recorded on this route did 3:51:34!

To download an Excel Spreadsheet tabulating all the results from the last five events CLICK HERE