Past Results

  • 2008 The first Le Terrier. Start and finish at Lancaster Town Hall. 82 starters. Fastest for short course 3:13:30. Long course 5:50:30. Last finisher 9:49:05
  • 2009 the second Le Terrier event with start and finish at our new home at Williamsons Park. 156 starters. Fastest for short course 2:38:28. Long course 4:46:56. Last finisher 9:46:10
  • 2010 New HQ at Ashton Memorial in the centre of the park. 219 starters. Fastest for short course - Jon Barry (Lancaster CC) 2:46:01. Long course 4:32:57. Last finisher 9:15:00

To download an Excel Spreadsheet tabulating all the results from the last three events CLICK HERE