Weekly Update

posted May 6, 2012, 7:59 PM by Lester Okeon
Dear Members and Parents:

I have come to the realization that some of our Summertime girls have yet to be asked to Banquet.  If you have already asked your date can you please text email or get in touch with me in any way.  As a reminder the assessment is 70 dollars per couple or 35 dollars per person if you didn't come to the meeting.  If you attended the meeting then your assessment is 60 dollars per couple or 30 dollars per person.  Please give your assessment money to a board member or bring it to the basketball games Wednesday.

The Basketball schedule for Wednesday is as follows: Okeon A vs. Okeon C at 6:30.   Okeon B vs. Peres B at 7:30.

There is no SouthPark this week.  There are also no folds this weekend. 

Fraternally submitted with an undying love for,
Lester Sherman Okeon AZA #1204, our
sweetheart Samantha Basar, Blue and Yellow.
GBL 15-18 Twins, Banquet, 10 days of school left,
and The Avengers.
I remain Aleph Connor David Heaslet