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posted Sep 9, 2012, 6:25 PM by Lester Okeon
Dear Members and Parents,
This last week has been a busy one. We have had a chapter meeting, south park, rap fold, and board sleep over all in the course of 7 days!
Before I continue with the upcoming events this week, I want to take a moment to talk about Will Holloway. Will was a member of Mesch AZA who suffered brain and lung injuries and passed away yesterday morning.  I knew Will and it was apparent to anyone who knew him that he was a model Aleph.  All that I ask is that you take a few moments to just pray for his family during this difficult time. 
On Wednesday we will be having Southpark at Cara Levi's house (258 matilda st. memphis) from 8-9, and on saturday we will be having a fold at Andrew Yanishevski's (9378 Parkgate Dr Memphis) from 7-8:30. On sunday IS CHAPTER CHOICE AT THE M-FRIGGIN-JCC AT 12! ITS SOOOO EXCITING!!!!! from there, we will caravan to Jacob Harris's House and party. ALL OKEON MEMBERS MUST ATTEND!!!! parents, if you are reading this, please knock down your child's bedroom door and demand that they go to chapter choice. I want to welcome our newest addition to the Okeon family, Mitchell Basar. Lastly, I have a decree: anyone that refers to Mitchell Basa as "Mitch" shall be hereby sentenced to death, as that is MY NAME!
Fraternally submitted with an undying love for Lester Sherman Okeon #1204, Our amazing sweetheart Cara Levy, Our amazing Freshmen class we shall receive, westboro baptist church, my lord and savior Will Farrell, eating gabe's cereal and leaving before he wakes up, the fact that the Kisbers have a gated driveway because they definetly need it, D-WHIGGETY-WRIGHT, WHERE IS CHILDISH GAMBINO?, Will Holloway, Zach Kahn and his notorious flocabulary, and all of our other Jewish brothers and sisters living in the world.
 remain aleph Mitchell Stephen Moskowitz.