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Folds and 7 Cardinal Principals



Sports have always been one of the strongest and most popular folds in AZA. Chapters participate in leagues held on the Council and Regional levels. AZA Chapters form teams and compete in such sports as basketball, softball, football, tennis, bowling, track and field, ping-pong, hockey, and broomball. A few years ago Chicago Council held an excellent example of an athletic program. A charity football game was sponsored between local AZA members and the Chicago Bears of the NFL. This is a fold that tends to be neglected in an unusual way. Because sports fit so naturally into AZA, many people don't take time to plan athletic programs as well as they could. There are literally hundreds of new and imaginative programs that can be developed around this fold. The extent of your imagination is your only limitation.


As an organization of young citizens of the Jewish and world communities, the AZA accepts responsibility in every area where there is need. Activities range from working with the elderly and the underprivileged, hurricane and flood relief programs, to canned food and recycling drives. In Israel, chapters in Noar Lenoar are dedicated solely to community service and social action. One of the largest projects Noar Lenoar undertakes is regular hospital visits to help raise the spirits of sick children. Wisconsin Region does extensive work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North America. They go on bowling trips, visits to the zoo and athletic facilities, and generally work with their "siblings" to make sure they have a feeling of self- worth. With the development of the ACT and TASC programs (see pages 33-34 ) AZA's involvement in this fold has undergone rapid growth. In a day and age of greater social awareness, this fold gives us the opportunity to create a lasting impact on the communities around us.


The educational fold stresses two major areas: l. Learning about the ways of life of those outside our Jewish community and 2. teaching our members about the conditions and problems of the world and communities around us. Some excellent examples of educational programs are: inviting speakers to discuss current issues, holding an Islamic or Palestinian culture night, visiting a local museum to view an exhibit, or holding a seminar with a group of other ethnic groups to talk over some of the differences and similarities between Judaism and their movement. The educational fold is a potentially limitless fold. Use your creativity and knowledge. Remember, the educational fold deals mostly with the concept of learning.


The Judaic program of AZA seeks to inculcate in its members an understanding of their religion and a habit of preserving the traditions of their people. AZA accepts as members Jewish boys of every persuasion -- Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, and Reform. It cooperates with synagogues and temples in helping members learn to conduct their own services and understand the religious heritage of which each is a part. AZA chapters have undertaken a wide range of activity in this fold. Most hold their own services during the year and AZA Shabbat.


Perhaps the best known yet least heralded of the five- folds is the social fold. The purpose of the social fold is to give members a chance to participate in recreational programs. Social programming is one of the best tools for recruiting new members and is a very strong fold if used properly and in the right proportion. AZA Chapters sponsor and participate in a wide variety of social programs, many with BBG chapters. These programs include dances, formals, picnics, pool parties, hay-rides, scavenger hunts, video and arcade marathons, Hanukkah parties, ice cream mixers, tail gate parties, conventions, beach trips, camping trips, and movie outings. Many of these programs serve as dual purpose in that they raise money for the AZA International Service Fund as well. One of the best known and planned social events takes place annually in Kansas City, Missouri. Nordaunian AZA sponsors an annual Matzah Ball Dance. Hundreds of people in the community attend and contribute to the event. Proceeds go to help fund the chapter and ISF.



Loyalty to my homeland, to its laws, to its principles, to its ethics. To die for it if need be, but primarily to live for it.


Always to observe the tenets of my faith; ever to do justice, love, mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord my G-d.


Ever to honor and love my parents. To be considerate of my elders and to respect age.


To give of myself and my substance for all worthy causes, to be kind and generous to all in need, regardless of race or creed.


Never too bold, never too forward, ever humble, ever observing the principles of gentlemen.


To keep my soul pure, my mind active and my body healthy.


A spirit of sociability, of cooperation and of friendship toward all AZA's that shall make of us one fellowship; a love of and a loyalty to AZA and its ideals.