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Lester Sherman Okeon AZA #1204

   Lester Sherman Okeon
AZA welcomes Jewish high school boys, consisting of BBYO 
members within the Cotton States Region  from Memphis, Tennessee and its surrounding 
areas! In Okeon, you will have memorable Jewish experiences, learn leadership skills, and 
make lifelong friendships. We are always having a great time whether
it's playing sports, going to dances, or giving back to the community. 
Okeon's mascot
is Sherman the 
Dog! Our current sweetheart is the wonderful Sara Siskin
 Okeon's annual fundraiser is called Summertime. Summertime is a play that Okeon puts together every year .We get together and "kidnap" girls, who become Summertime Girls and will participate in the play. Don't worry, we don't ACTUALLY kidnap them. Each week, on Wednesday, every Okeon member, including Summertime Girls, get together and watch South Park!


  • Weekly Update 9/17 Dear all affiliated with our awesome chapter,This is your Mazkir Isaac Lurie with another WEEKLY UPDATE! Alright, let's get started!Chapter Choice Day was a success! We got many freshmen who are excited to be in our chapter! We have a good quantity and an excellent quality freshman class this year. I wish the best for all of you in the next four years. Welcome to Okeon, boys!Unfortunately, there will be NO South Park this week, but there will be a fold this Saturday. This is the BIG BROTHER/LITTLE BROTHER SCAVENGER HUNT, SO MAKE SURE TO BE THERE! IT IS FROM 7:30 TO 10:00! We do not have a location! IF YOU ARE WILLING ...
    Posted Sep 17, 2013, 5:04 PM by Lester Okeon
  • Weekly Update 9/10/13 Dear all members and parents of the awesomest chapter ever,This is your proud new Mazkir. I am super excited to be informing you weekly about events and whatnot.Anyways, South Park this week is a go and it will be at my house, at 797 Reddoch Street Memphis, TN. I expect to see a big crowd and I don't want to be disappointed. See y'all there!In other news, I have been informed that WE WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT OKEON TO THE FRESHMEN THIS WEEK and should not discuss any chapter, but we should talk about BBYO and AZA with them and just get to know them in general. BE NICE TO THE FRESHMEN, as ...
    Posted Sep 10, 2013, 7:26 PM by Lester Okeon
  • Weekly Update Members and Parents of Okeon AZA,                                 Get ready for another SOUTH PARK at Sarah’s Aunt’s house! I should see everyone there!                                There is a fold this SUNDAY (NOT SATURDAY) with Pearl. We call it “Pearl and Okeon’s Purim Party” It will be from 1 to 3 and Andrew Rogers’ house.EVERYONE SHOULD BE RUNNING TO GABE AND GETTING A CHAIR POSITION FORM!  Chair positions areGREAT leadership opportunities that help OKEON! The following chair positions should be filled up: Ruach Chairman, Sopher Application, Oo’Man Application, Banquet Committee, and Sopher Mach’Shev Application.Another AWESOME experience are Summer Programs! They teach you leadership skills and they are a great way to meet new people!FOR SALE NOW ...
    Posted Feb 18, 2013, 6:50 PM by Lester Okeon
  • Weekly Update Members and Parents of Okeon AZA,      There will not be a fold this weekend because of IC. On the bright side there WILL be South Park at none other than our Godol Benji Ballin's house! The address is 1446 Tuscany Way Germantown, TN 38138      At South Park we will be premiering the Summertime DVD, and they will be on sale for $10!         We are trying to come up with a date for Banquet, but we will need YOUR help. We will need YOU to decide when you're free the dates are May 23 OR May 25                      You can send your vote to Benji and I will tally them up. We will need EVERYONE'S feedback!     If you are ...
    Posted Feb 10, 2013, 7:37 PM by Lester Okeon
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Top reasons to join Okeon AZA:
. The undisputed #1 chapter in all of AZA
. Our motto is "quality, not quantity"
. The tightest brotherhood in the world
. No matter what Peres may say, Basketball is OUR thing
. In the past 15 years, well over 10 members and former members have switched from Peres TO OKEON
 In Okeon, every single member is our brother. From the most athletic member, to the most Jewish member, all of us are brothers...and in Okeon, brotherhood is what we do!

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