Why Us?

Finding a reliable and credible full service commercial real estate appraisal company can be an arduous task. You need more than a report. You also need accurate valuation explanations and high professional expectations.

Lester Appraisal Company offers expert commercial real estate appraisal solutions for various professional fields, including Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Accountants, Attorneys, Municipalities and much more. We specialize in providing commercial real estate valuations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but that reflect each client's unique wants and needs and valuation opinions that are backed by State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers within the State of New York and other leading designations and professional affiliations.

Simply put, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. Commercial real estate valuation services in this particular area of New York State can not exist without experienced teams of research assistants, clerical staff members, supervisory appraisers and professional decision makers. Lester Appraisal Company has it figured out.

We take pride on our ability to deliver completed appraisal reports on time or early. We routinely deliver 100% of our valuation assignments on or before the due date and our goal is to stay at or near the 100% rate for as long as possible (wish us luck). Ask any of our customers if Lester Appraisal is known for either #1 providing valuation solutions, or #2 making excuses and requesting extensions. Our goal remains the same: for you to be pleased to do business with Lester Appraisal.