Welcome to Lester Appraisal, a truly unique commercial real estate appraisal company in Buffalo, New York. We're not like any other appraisal company you've ever known... We don't just crank out junk, we specialize in the highest quality you have ever seen. That is our goal!

Our expert New York State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers travel all over the country with the primary goal in mind, to solve your real estate appraisal problems. We provide appropriate valuation solutions to difficult appraisal problems you or your business can't live without. We hop on planes, trains, and automobiles to scour the local market area so we can bring you the most appropriate appraisal solution available.

Our goal is not to bid a valuation assignment at a price that allows us to be the most competitively priced in the local market area. Our goal is to deliver a valuation assignment at a certain quality that allows us to be the most competitive in the local market in that regard.

Internally speaking, 100% of the time, we physically inspect the subject property, investigate the local and competitive market place, start to finish, and internally review every appraisal and evaluation report we deliver, and if we see something that needs attention, we either fix it or disclose it. We're completely transparent - no smoke and mirrors, no puppet shows, no gimmicks. We don't play the back and forth price game, either. What you see is what you get with our willingness to be upfront.

So, whether you're looking to order a commercial real estate appraisal report in Buffalo/Western New York local market area or you live five states away... whether this is your first appraisal or evaluation report ordered or your 30th this month... we are happy to have you, your valuation problem, or your questions. We are here to serve you!