Welcome! This website will provides an overview of two modules:


The modules address issues of mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge for teaching reasoning and proving.

Each module intends to help users strengthen their content knowledge related to logical aspects of proving. It also addresses pedagogical aspects, such as students' conceptions of proving and pedagogical practices for supporting students' engagement with argumentation and proving.

The modules can be used by prospective secondary teachers and by practicing teachers who seek to enhance their mathematical knowledge for teaching argumentation and proving.

This module deals with qantified statements and the role of examples in proving

Focus and Goals of Module
- Enhance content knowledge of quantified statements (universal quantifier "for all" and existential quantifier "there exists")
- Distinguish between different types of examples: supportive, counterexamples, non-confirming, irrelevant.
- Analyze students' conceptions about the roles of examples in proving / disproving universal / existential statements.

Who is right?
This module focuses on Conditional Statements.

Focus and Goals of Module

- Enhance content knowledge of conditional statements   
- Analyze students' mathematical arguments 
- Analyze students' conceptions about the role of examples and counterexamples