Welcome! This website will provide an overview of Supporting Students' Development of Productive Perceptions of their Mathematical Ability

Description of Module

This module is intended to engage preservice teachers in a set of experiences and activities designed to explore teachers' role in the development of students' perceptions of their mathematical ability. This module deliberately intertwines multiple 'threads' in mathematics teacher education; threads that are typically addressed in isolation in coursework.  These threads include:
  • mathematical content knowledge
  • equitable pedagogical practice
  • students' productive disposition
  • mathematics teachers' roles and responsibilities
  • race, gender, and inclusion in mathematics classrooms
  • achievement gaps in mathematics
  • school and district policies (tracking, grouping, etc.)
Focus and Goals of Module

The main focus and goals of this module are to explore the following questions:
  • How does a student’s perception of his or her mathematical ability influence his or her participation and performance in the mathematics classroom?
  • How do mathematics teachers communicate messages of mathematical ability to students?
  • In what ways can teachers promote and support students in developing productive perceptions of their mathematical ability in classrooms (regardless of a students’ performance history)?