Smartboard Jeopardy

  • Demonstrate comprehension of twelfth grade history
  • Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media. 
  • Students will be divided into groups of four
  • Each group will create their own review questions for Smartboard Jeopardy
  • This game will help students gain understanding of ideas and events
  • This lesson plan allows students to collaborate with diverse partners
This lesson plan is intended for twelfth grade history. One week is needed for preparation for this assignment. This lesson plan requires access to a Smartboard. Students will be divided into groups of four for this assignment. Each group is required to brainstorm and create their own questions that pertain to the the textbook or our class lectures. The questions that are chosen must be from the previous chapters we have discussed. This game is intended to better prepare students for their exam as well as evaluate their progress.