The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are the most broadly supported, 
and specific goals the world has ever agreed upon. This site houses a Project-based learning unit to 
supplement the K-12 curriculum and units written for the 
Global Campaign for Education, United States 
Chapter. The other units can be found here.
  • This site houses the Project-based Learning Unit for Ages 12-18 to supplement the K-12 Lesson For All units.
  • Designed to investigate Goal #2 of the Millennium Development Goals: Achieve Universal Primary Education 

Driving Question: As an adviser to government officials, how can you design a plan to provide universal primary 
education for citizens?

Project Summary: Students study Millennium Development Goal #2, Achieving Universal Primary Education               across the world by choosing a country struggling with providing universal primary education and creating a             solution. In preparation, students will hear from professionals working with children’s rights and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, along with analyzing several sources of information. Students will write blog                 posts reflecting on their thoughts and feelings as they worked through the information.  Peers around the world                will be engaged in the conversation through their posts and responses.

Overview of project: Teacher Plan and Student Plan.

For more information about this UN Millennium Development Goal effort, see the United Nations and the Global Campaign for Education, United States.   


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