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Crawl into Reading with Corduroy!     

Rationale: Students will gain fluency by decoding and crosschecking words to add them to sight vocabulary. By reading a classic children’s book, students will also work on their comprehension by answering questions about the material they read. 


Book: Corduroy

Word Count Sheet: 

Name: __________ Date: ___________ 

The first time I read ___________ words. The second time I read__________ words. The third time I read__________ words. 


1) ''It’s time to become speedy readers! BUT... while we are trying to read fast, we also have to read the words correctly. Once we read words faster and more automatic we will be able to understand the story easier. So today we are going to do repeated readings and try to get faster each time we read the text.'' 

2) ''First, let’s review. What do we do when we don’t know a word?'' (Write the word crash on the board) ''Let’s say I didn’t know this word. I would use my finger to cover up the other letters. I would say a/, like a baby crying, /a/. I would then uncover the first letter and say /c/. Then I would uncover the second letter and put it with the first letter /c//r/. Then add the ending /sh/ like quiet shhhh. Blend it all together /c//r//a//sh/. That word is crash.'' 

3) (Write the following sentence on the board) The bear finds a button. ''I'm going to read this sentence that is written on the board and I want you to pay attention to how I read it.'' (Read the sentence very slowly and without fluency). “The bearrrrr fiiiinnndddssss a buuutttoonn”... Did you notice how I read it really slow and it was hard to understand what the sentence was about? Now I'm going to try reading it again like a fluent reader.'' (Read the sentence with fluency.) “The bear finds a button” That was it a lot easier to understand the sentence! I got better because I learned the words as sight words. That's why we should practice rereading sentences so that we can make it sound better every time we read it. See if you can be a next level reader by adding expression to your readings!'' 

4) ''Now I'm going to give each of you a copy of the book: Corduroy In this story a teddy bear named Corduroy is sad because he wants a home. One day a young girl and her mom see him at the store but they don't end up taking him home. This makes Corduroy very sad. One night 


Corduroy crawls off of his shelf and goes on an adventure int he store but he gets in trouble along the way. Let’s keep reading to see if Corduroy ever finds a home! 

5) I will assign partners and give each group a stopwatch, notecard, and give each child a Word Count Sheet and an Evaluation Form. Have each student read the first 8 pages once to themselves. Once they have read it through once, explain to the students how to use these sheets and what they are looking for. Assign one student to be the reader and one to be the recorder. Provide a model about how to use the timer. The reader will read the first 6 pages and the recorder will keep track of how many times and how long it takes the reader to read the 6 pages. The recorder tells the reader when to begin and when to end. Each time the recorder will record how many words were read and the time. Once the reader has had three read alouds, the recorder will fill out the partner check sheet. Then students will switch roles. 

Assessment: I will call each student up to read aloud to me. I will ask comprehension questions to assess their reading. 

Comprehension Questions
1. Why was Corduroy sad?
2. Why did Corduroy want a button from the bed?
3. What happens when Corduroy knocks down items in the store? 


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