Most lesson plans (lesson designs) include 3 key components: the Lesson Title, Content Objective, and the Instructional Strategies, but the CSUSM Single Subject Lesson Design demands more clarity and has 18 Key Components.

Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe (2005) describe a "Backward Planning Process" for instructional planning in Understanding by Design.
Read the Introduction to Understanding By Design (UbD) to get some background on the concept of "Backward Planning" and the Three-Stage Planning Approach:
1. Identify Desired Results: What long-term transfer goals are targeted?
2. Determine Assessment Evidence: What performances and products will reveal evidence of meaning-making and transfer?
3. Plan Learning Experiences & Instructions: What activities, experiences, and lessons will lead to achievement of the desired results and success at the assessments?

Effective educators
learn about their students and use that information to design instruction that:
- challenge students based on their readiness levels
- use content/curriculum that is of interest to students and 
- create activities that is based on learning profiles

The CSUSM Single Subject Program requires such detailed lessons
to help candidates develop strong lesson planning habits.


CSUSM Single Subject Lesson Design Components
   1. Title of the Lesson
   2. Curriculum Area & Grade
   3. Date of Lesson
   4. CA Content Standard
   5. CA ELD Standard
   6. Big Idea
   7. Essential Questions
   8. Objectives (TPA Term - Learning Goals)
   9. Assessments
  10. Predication of Likely Difficulties
  11. Instructional Strategies
  12. Student Activities
  13. Info about English Language Learners
  14. Info about Students with Special Education Needs
  15. Differentiation For English Language Learner
  16. Differentiation For Student with Special Education Needs
  17. Resources
  18. Reflection (Only required if lesson was taught.)
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