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Sweet Kitty

Materials Needed:
A scrapkit or clusterframe, mask & tube of choice
I have used:
A tube from ©Justsan @
A mask from Becky, I can't find a link to give credit so I added the mask to the bottom of this page
If you know where her page is please let me know.
And I used a pretty cluster frame from RaspBerryRoadDesigns.
It was a free cluster when I downloaded it at her blog but after 30 days the new clusters will be gone
I was granted permission to share this cluster with you for the use of this tutorial.
Thank you so much Susan!!
Download HERE ( I have resized it because it was huge ;) )
So be sure to check out her blog every once in a while I just adore those clusters!
If you want to check out the scrapkit used for this cluster go HERE
The font I used : Script MT Bold
So let's begin.
Open up a new image 600x450
Pick 2 colors from your tube and make a linear gradient
Angle 158
Repeats none
Fill your canvas with the gradient.
Apply the mask, merge group.
Copy & paste your clusterframe.
Image, mirror and resize by 63% all layers unchecked...
Grab your lasso selection tool and make a selection on the frame following the branches all the way around.
New raster layer, floodfill with the same gradient but now with Invert selected.
Copy your tube and paste as a new layer and place it within the selection.
Selections invert and hit delete.
Put the blendmode of the tube to overlay and merge the layer down once.
Move this layer below the cluster frame.
Activate the cluster and merge layer down once.
Move it a bit to the right and add drop shadow.
Copy and paste your tube again and place it on the left side, add shadow.
Now place your name and correct copyright & license info (after you have resized) and you are done.
Export as PNG or save as JPG
©Sandra 15-Apr-2012
Sandra Schulpzand,
15 apr. 2012 07:15