Virtual Office 6

We are very excited to announce that quick!Office Commander 3.58 together with a new version of our Web Access is now available for download. New added functions transition this module from simple Web Access to become your office intranet. We thought it was the right time to give it a new name, more suitable to its performance. We are happy to introduce you to your new “Virtual Office”.  
We asked many of you "what is your pain", how can we help to streamline your daily operation. Based on your feedback, we implemented the following functionality:
  • Event Registration. Administrator can record office meetings, training sessions and other events allowing Sales Representatives to register for any event. The management team will be able to view a detailed report on how many agents are registered for specific events including their names.
  • Agent's Corner: Who wants to host an Open House; I have a Buyer; I have a Property are some of the functions supported. Administrator has an access to remove the record and opt out the agent who uses this feature improperly
  • New Listings: Listing added manually, or imported will be disiplayed automatically, based on configuration. You can specify number of days to show the listings after the listings were entered to Commander.
  • Open Houses: Entered to the listings, Open Houses will be displayed including photos, if attached to the listing
  • Concierge Service: Promote Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers and Home Inspectors for quick reference for your Sale Representatives
Feel free to View the short presentation at the bottom of this page
Web / Internet Solution.
Company's Website, Agent Profile pages, Listings feed - we do them all. quick!Office Commander pushes automatically your Sales Representative list and listings to update your website every hour. We support different templates and different levels for custom profiles for agents. Search engine optimized (SEO) will place the names and listings at the top of search.
Sales Representatives belong to company using our Web / Internet Solution, are able to keep track of "hits", how many people visited their Profile and how many people viewed their listing. Request Info submitted in the website, generates page to be sent to Listings Agent and report to be viewed in Virtual Office 6.
Important Note:
  • Prerequisite: All systems must have .Net Framework v1.1, v2.0, v3.0, and v3.5 SP1 installed
  • Prerequisite: Microsoft IIS 5, 6, or 7 must be properly installed for Web Access server
    Below please find Summary of Enhancements implemented in quick!Office Commander 3.57
    Appointments 3.57 Enabled customization for showing slip for seller 
    Export 3.57 EXP: Optional flags to display the number of rooms and bedrooms
    Export 3.57 EXP: Optional flag to include Age of Home
    IEI 3.57 Enable data push to broker suite
    SF 3.57 Enabled internal URL to access from office.
      VO6.0 Agent's Corner module added
      VO6.0 Concierge Service module added
      VO6.0 Event Calendar/Registration added
      VO6.0 Send message widget added to agent panel
      VO6.0 My Event widget added to agent panel
      VO6.0 Enable "Print" for message
      VO6.0 Listing info now include title for listing agent in showng feedback questionaire
    Rose Shapiro,
    Nov 18, 2010, 6:35 AM