MLS Online Appointments

MLS® listings that include the quick!Office Commander Appointment Online option create an on-screen link to the listing office’s appointment booking software. Salespeople from all member broker offices can request showings directly from any office via the web with listing offices that use Leading Edge Software’s quick!Office Commander Front office software.

Showing salespeople who click the link is presented with a calendar of available showing dates and times and can request an appointment via the web on a 24/7 basis.  Times that are presented as available provide sufficient lead time for administrators to confirm showings if they are responsible to do so.  

If the agent requests a showing when the office is/will be closed (i.e. 5 minutes before they close so they may not have time to process) and the showing is ALSO at a time that precludes anyone being around to process the unconfirmed appointment, they will not be allowed to request the showing at that time.  In that scenario, they can:

  1. Book a time that is convenient for processing purposes (calendar will display those times)
  2. Page / call the listing agent directly

Confirmations are processed the same way you always did. The only difference is that you don't have to receive a phone call or type the request/message. Everything else stays the same. We don't change the way you operate your business. We just remove the mundane tasks to enable you to run your business faster, cheaper, more accurately and with less effort.

In offices that don't confirm showings for their agents (they just get paged/emailed) your office will continue to operate as it always has. Instead of showing agents phoning your office to request that the listing agent be paged, they will request the showing via the MLS listing and quick!Office Commander will page for you without you having to type the message.
In offices that confirm on behalf of their agents, appointments are automatically stored in the system as Unconfirmed Appointments with a flag "MLS" so your staff know who entered the information. Your support staff still processes the confirmations as they do today, and you remain secure in knowing that you have a complete audit in the system of who your staff confirmed with, especially when they supply lockbox information or make key arrangements.

There are major benefits for both listing and showing salespeople. First, showing salespeople eliminate any potential inconvenience of having to call for their appointments within specific office hours or wait on hold. Second, listing offices see a reduced call load to their front desk, and have the added security of knowing that the person making the appointment is really a registered salesperson with MLS® access. Finally, options are available for the system to automatically notify sellers by e-mail of showings and/or showing feedback, so Sales Associates are able to stay in touch with their Sellers with no effort. Everybody wins.

Another benefit is the availability of detailed showing reports and an option to automatically request Showing Feedback from showing agents which is stored in quick!Office Commander. Listing agents have access to this information via the WEB any time of day or night, and with the push of a button can send the report(s) to their sellers.

With the optional ability to keep sellers in the loop for showing information as well as showing feedback, offices have a useful and cost effective marketing tool. quick!Office Commander works on behalf of the office and agents to stay in touch with sellers.

It's better than a personal assistant.

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